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TMRE: The Market Research Event
October 8-10, 2024
Loews Royal Pacific ResortOrlando, FL

2024 Keynote Speakers

Building on a rich legacy of renowned speakers taking center stage, including Beth Comstock, Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Ariely, Kirti Singh, Seth Godin and more, TMRE sources the truth tellers, forward thinkers and great minds of our industry so that we can gain from their knowledge and unique perspectives. 

Daymond John, Star of ABC's Shark Tank

How to Be an Insights Shark

From FUBU to Shark Tank and countless ventures in between, Daymond John’s phenomenal entrepreneurial journey has spanned more than 25 years. In this dynamic presentation, Daymond breaks down the core tenets of his success, which he has distilled into tangible takeaways that he calls his five S.H.A.R.K. points.  

You will leave this inspiring keynote feeling empowered to sell an idea and gain stakeholder buy-in while discovering ways to seamlessly connect your brand to its consumers. Your organizational pool can sometimes feel deep, so get ready to dive in as an insights shark and deliver material impact to your business.

Katy Milkman, Economist, Bestselling Author & Wharton Professor

Changing Behavior - Guiding Employee and Customer Choices for Good

Employee and customer choices are heavily dependent on context. Katy Milkman, an expert in the ways we consider options and make decisions, understands this from her extensive research studying these populations as a behavioral economist. ‘Choice architecture,’ or simply the way in which a choice is presented (on screens and in person) can thus be an extremely valuable tool for improving employee outcomes and consumer choices.

In this informative keynote, Milkman teaches audiences how to make use of the malleability in how choices are made to influence behavior for the better, providing insights about how to encourage improved decisions—online, at work, and at home. Covering the basics of wise choice architecture, nudges that have been proven to increase the likelihood of optimal decisions, and actionable takeaways tailored for your business or organization, Milkman leads a funny, fast-paced, and practical talk about how we can guide employee and customer behavior in the most helpful ways possible.

Stefania Gvillo, SVP, Chief Analytics & Insights Officer at Domino's Pizza

Insights & Influence Ignited: Leadership, Impact, and the Art of Storytelling

This keynote will spotlight how true leadership is not always about wielding the best tools, but rather hinges on the ability to drive a pathway to influence with purpose and authenticity. Through creative storytelling methods and showcasing how the insights function truly is a strategic organizational partner, Stefania will take you on her real-world journey and share lessons learned from leading insights and analytics at Domino’s pizza.

Charles Duhigg, New York Times Bestselling Author & Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist

Supercommunicators - The Power of Conversation and Hidden Language of Connection 

Why do some conversations succeed — while others fail? How does communication work within our brains, our families, our workplaces, and our communities? In this keynote on Charles Duhigg’s new book Supercommunicators: The Power of Conversation and Hidden Language of Connection is about what happens inside our minds when we open our mouths and ears. SUPERCOMMUNICATORS know the importance of recognizing – and then matching – each kind of conversation, and how to hear the complex emotions, subtle negotiations, and deeply held beliefs that color so much of what we say and how we listen. 

How do SUPERCOMMUNICATORS do what they do, and what can we learn from them about bridging divides? In this talk, audiences will learn why some people are able to make themselves heard, and to hear others, so clearly. With his spellbinding storytelling that takes us from the writers’ room of The Big Bang Theory to the couches of leading marriage counselors to CIA officers trying to recruit spies, Duhigg shows how to recognize conversations and the tips and skills we need to navigate them more successfully. In the end, Duhigg delivers a simple but powerful lesson: With the right tools, we can connect with anyone.

Kirti Singh, Chief Analytics, Insights & Media Officer at Procter & Gamble

A Century of Curiosity: P&G Analytics & Insights Discovering the Future

As Proctor & Gamble will celebrate 100 years of driving consumer experiences through insights in September, this keynote will drill down on the history of market research, its evolution and will look ahead to its prominent future. Kirti will also underscore the pivotal role of human-powered data, emphasizing it's not just numbers, but a reflection of human behavior. You will leave empowered to expertly decode consumer trends while utilizing next-gen technology and tools.

Derek Thompson, Host of Plain English, Bestselling Author & Staff Writer at The Atlantic

The Anatomy of Viral Trends & Hit Products

Why do things become mega hits? Why do certain songs, apps, names, films, and cultural figures rise to viral-levels of prominence, while others wither in obscurity? This keynote shatters myths about quality and taste, reveals crucial insights into consumers, and traces popularity from our deepest human needs to the savviest of today’s influencers.

From the Stanley cup craze to the rise of Gen Alpha, Derek offers ideas you can use now to not only make great, lasting products, but products people WANT to hear about when attention is more of a commodity than ever.

You will also hear about upcoming trends that can catapult your brand to becoming the next big thing.