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TMRE: The Market Research Event


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October 8-10, 2024
Loews Royal Pacific ResortOrlando, FL

2023 Keynote Speakers

Building on a rich legacy of renowned speakers taking center stage, including Beth Comstock, Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Ariely, Kirti Singh, Seth Godin and more, TMRE sources the truth tellers, forward thinkers and great minds of our industry so that we can gain from their knowledge and unique perspectives. 

Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist, User Experience Designer & Author

The Future of Calm Technology

Dubbed a "digital philosopher" by Fast Company magazine, Amber Case studies the symbiotic interactions between humans and machines. At TMRE, Case will take center stage to share emerging strategies for using calm technologies to align with market realities, consumer needs and to adapt with shifting landscapes.


Elaine Rodrigo, Chief Insights & Analytics Officer, Reckitt

Impact Magnified: Insights & Analytics Illuminate the Future  

Known for her strong drive for impact, Rodrigo found her 'Why' evolving over time to be about People and Purpose. As the head of market research for a multinational CPG with products sold in more than 200 countries, Rodrigo shares her vision for transforming change into opportunity that delivers mega results for businesses, more rewarding careers for ourselves and our teams and builds a better world. In her powerful keynote at TMRE 2023, you'll gain unique insight into the monumental impact consumer behavior can play in driving both societal change and business growth.

Gitanjali Rao, Scientist, Author & TIME Kid of the Year

Gen Z Decoded: A Young Innovator’s Journey for Social Change 

Coming of age during unprecedented times, no generation has redlined the rulebooks and upended traditional thinking quite as much as Gen Z. Gitanjali will take the stage at TMRE to provide a glimpse into the heart and minds of the next consumer powerhouse from one of the most acclaimed Gen Z-ers herself.

David McRaney, Behavioral Scientist and Author of How Minds Change

How to Change Minds

In today's business environment, where change is the only constant, influencing stakeholders to embrace and utilize valuable insights has become an increasingly daunting task. Traditional methods of persuasion often fall short, as cynicism and skepticism prevail. However, fear not! This keynote presentation will equip you with a transformative framework designed to turn even the most skeptical individuals into true believers.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to revolutionize your approach to stakeholder engagement and secure insights as the catalyst to bottom-line growth in this new economy.

Heather Berlin, Cognitive Neuroscientist and Host of PBS Nova's Your Brain

The Human Brain and Its Future: How to Make Your Brain More Creative, Productive, and Effective

The unconscious mind and brain is more powerful and active than we ever imagined, says Dr. Heather Berlin. Knowing that, how can we optimize ourselves for success, i.e. hack our own cognitive systems? Berlin studies the seemingly mysterious topics of creativity, consciousness, and willpower, helping us to better understand ourselves and others, including what they want and how to help them.

This fascinating talk unlocks the secrets of attention, perception, and human wellbeing, and shows how these human traits are key to the future digital economy. Businesses with a clear view of how they work will have an edge on competitors, and leaders who know how to boost creativity in their employees will see massive success. We can all make better decisions and get the most out of our brains, Berlin says—but we need to understand them first.

Adam Alter, NYT Bestselling Author of Drunk Tank Pink, Irresistible, and Anatomy of a Breakthrough

Anatomy of a Breakthrough: How to Get Unstuck at Work, at Home, and at Play

Feeling stuck? You’re not alone. Almost everyone feels stuck in some way, unable to push past some kind of roadblock. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Bestselling author Adam Alter has spent the past two decades studying the forces that keep us stuck—and how we can free ourselves to thrive. He says that most of the barriers we face are subjective, which means we have everything we need to get unstuck and push through to success.

In this ground-breaking talk, Adam draws on his new book Anatomy of a Breakthrough to weave together scientific studies, anecdotes, and interviews to teach us how to get unstuck from whatever’s holding us back. He reveals the formula that he and other researchers have uncovered: called the “friction audit,” the process helps you figure out why you (or your organization) are stuck, then suggests a path to progress by overcoming the three kinds of frictions (head, heart, and habit), so you can find the breakthrough that’s just around the corner. Full of practical strategies that you can put into play on your own or as a team—like sacrificing in the short-term for long-term gains, or taking challenges as a signal that you’re moving beyond the easy wins—this talk is a must-listen for anyone interested in innovation and high achievement.

Sheryl Connelly, Leading Global Consumer Trends Expert & Former Chief Futurist at Ford Motor Company

How to Apply Future Trends to Your Business Today. 

Sheryl Connelly offers audiences a look at the potential futures of their industries and offers tips for scenario planning at their organizations. From exploring aspects you can’t control to planning for multiple futures, she looks at how embracing the future, rather than fearing it, opens up immense opportunities for businesses to thrive.

Tracking changes across social, technological, economic, environmental, and political arenas and shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors, she shares insights on the emerging trends that will most affect business in the years to come. Connelly begins by breaking down broad, “bird’s-eye view” trends like declining fertility rates, the global talent shortage, China and India, and the rising female frontier. She then moves to ground-level trends like ethical consumption and access versus ownership to assets. She takes these concepts and applies them to current patterns and predicted patterns in consumer behavior. Her unsurpassed grasp on the future of business proves invaluable as she helps audiences take advantage of what’s next.