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MOLCURE’s biologics discovery platform is designed for challenging therapeutic targets. The platform identifies novel potent and selective antibodies and peptides by leveraging a unique combination of AI, protein engineering, laboratory automation and more than 1 billion proprietary data points. MOLCURE has partnered with 8 companies, including ONO Pharmaceutical and Twist Biosciences, to drive innovation and solve technical challenges in their programs. MOLCURE’s platform is built on the foundations of technical excellence in protein engineering, the development of novel assays, and deep expertise with challenging targets, such as GPCRs and ion channels. More than 1 billion experimental data points have been collected from high quality experiments over 10 years. This proprietary dataset is nearly 200 times larger than public datasets such as CiteAb and Biocompare, which gives MOLCURE a massive data advantage over competing platforms. MOLCURE has also built an ensemble of AI tools to design biologics that have high affinity, specificity and other properties that are important for therapeutic antibodies and peptides such as low immunogenicity. These AI tools are trained on the more than 1 billion experimental data points that MOLECURE has collected. In contrast, many other AI platforms are primarily trained on the limited amount of lower quality data in public databases. MOLCURE’s technology delivers accurate design based on protein sequences. This has significant advantages for de novo discovery of biologics for novel targets because it does not rely on having a tertiary structure or the existence of a known antibody or peptide. Therefore, MOLCURE has been able to help its partners achieve what many others have struggled to accomplish - the discovery of diverse biologics with pM binding affinity for challenging targets.