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BUILDEX Alberta Exhibitor Manual
October 23-24, 2024
BMO Centre at Stampede Park

Wed Oct 23: 9:30am - 6pm
Thurs Oct 24: 9:30am - 3pm

Booth Design Guidelines

BUILDEX is the premier industry event in Western Canada for all things construction, architecture, design and property management. BUILDEX attracts industry professionals from across Western Canada and the booth designs should represent and reflect that high business standard. The look and feel of your exhibit space will make a direct impact on attendees on the tradeshow floor. Ensure that you consider factors such as lighting, flooring, layout and customer experience to ensure your space exceeds expectations.

The Following Items are NOT Included with your Booth Space

  • Flooring: It is strongly advised to have carpet or equivalent flooring completely covering the visible floor in your exhibit space. If you require rental carpet, refer to the Levy Show Service forms on the Order Forms page – alternatively, you may bring your own quality carpet, tile, hardwood or other flooring material for your booth. When planning flooring for your exhibit space please keep sustainability and reusable options in mind.
  • Electrical Services: If your exhibit requires electricity, be sure to order these services prior to the event to save time, money and hassles on-site. Please refer to the BMO Centre online exhibitor order page linked through the Order Forms page.
  • Drayage/Material Handling: If you need the use of a forklift or another form of labor to unload/load your material, there are associated costs. Material handling is fixed based on your exhibit size – this saves money for the average exhibitor who needs the use of a forklift. Please refer to the Move-In/Move-Out Procedures for details and the Order Forms page for Material Handling forms.
  • Miscellaneous Accessories: Tables, chairs, plants etc. are not provided – feel free to bring your own, or refer to the Levy Show Services Forms on the Order Forms page for rental equipment.

Any exhibits that deviate from the regulations below must be submitted in writing to Cassandra Pelis at and approved prior to move-in. Show Management reserves the right to alter displays for any exhibits that do not conform to regulations. If you are unsure if your design meets our requirements, please send us an email ahead of the show.

Hardwalls, Heights & Sightlines

  • Full sidewalls are allowed. Side walls can be eight (8) feet , no higher, no lower. The back side of these walls need to be fully finished with a neutral colour (ex. white or black) with absolutely no logos or branding.
  • Exhibitors are provided with floor space only. The booth fee does not include walls of any kind. Each exhibitor is responsible for providing a back wall display that is 8 feet in height (no more, no less) to create a partition from each adjoining booth.

Island Booths

  • Island booth spaces are not required to have a backwall. If the exhibitor chooses to have backwall within their booth space, the maximum height is twelve (12) feet in height. The back side of the wall needs to be fully finished, however it can include logos or branding.

400 Square Foot (or Larger) Exhibits

  • All four hundred (400) square foot (or larger) exhibits must obtain written booth design approval from Show Management prior to move-in. Designs must be submitted by September 23, 2024. Forward full details of your booth design/schematics, including dimensions, with any available drawings/photos to Cassandra Pelis at
  • Please note, all four hundred (400) square foot (or large exhibits) are able to go up to twelve (12) feet in height.

Approved Booth

Please see an example of a booth that meets our Booth Design Guidelines and Show Standards.

1. The back wall is at our 8' height requirement, no higher, no lower.

2. The side wall is at our 8' maximum. Side walls can be shorter if desired, but no more than 8' high with all logos and branding facing inwards towards the centre of the booth.

3. The side wall is fully finished in a neutral colour (white) with no logos or branding facing into their neighbour's booth.

4. Signage and logos are within the designated booth space, not in the aisle or above 8' high.

N.B.: Side Walls - These allowances are for in-line booths, exhibitors who have corner, peninsula or island booths are allowed to brand their exterior facing walls as long as the walls face into an aisle and not a neighbouring booth. If you are unsure about your booth design, please email Cassandra Pelis at

Unapproved Booth

Please see an example of a booth that does not meet our Booth Design Guidelines and Show Standards.

1. The booth is tented and overheight with logos displayed over the 8' height limit into neighbouring booths. Any display over 8' high needs approval, with no branding or logos displayed into neighbouring booths.

2. The booth is displaying a flag that is overheight and not within the designated booth space. Any booth item you bring must be within your designated booth space and within the 8' height limit.

3. The booth has an unfinished sidewall - showing exposed wood panelling . All sidewalls must be fully finished on the backside in neutral colours ex. white or black, with no logos or branding.

4. The booth has signage in the aisle. All booth items including signage, products, furniture etc. must be kept within your contracted booth space and may not be placed in the aisle or encroach on your neighbour's space.

Special Regulations

Canopies & Ceilings

All requests for canopies and ceilings must receive written approval from Show Management and the venue by September 23, 2024.

The requirements below have been prepared in conjunction with Calgary Fire Department. For further clarification please see the Calgary Fire Department Special Event Requirements (Dated August 2011).

  • Any ceiling or canopy over 27.9 m2 (300 ft.2) requires written approval from the Calgary Fire Department in addition to the BMO Centre and Show Management).
  • Any ceiling or canopy between 9.3 M2 (100 ft.2) and 27.9 m2 (300 ft.2) shall be provided with a listed single station smoke alarm
  • Any ceiling or canopy between 9.3 M2 (100 ft.2) and 27.9 m2 (300 ft.2) with a source of ignition shall be provided with a listed single station smoke alarm plus a 2A-10BC fire extinguisher within
  • Tents and canopies must be approved for indoor use and have a permanently attached label indicating conformance to CAN/ULC-S109, “ Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films”.
  • Minimum of 3 m separation is required between each 27.9 m2 aggregate of tents, canopies and/or other structures on all sides. An aggregate area exceeding each 27.9 m2 shall not be permitted.
  • All required "EXIT" signs shall be visible from any location in the room. Drapes, curtains or displays shall not obstruct view of "EXIT" signs. Temporary directional "EXIT" signs may be required to clearly indicate the direction of egress.

In-Booth Demonstrations

Exhibitors wishing to conduct in-booth demonstrations must secure written approval from Show Management by September 23, 2024 by emailing Cassandra Pelis at

Forward full details of the demonstration, including SDS (safety data sheets) for any hazardous material or product brought onsite. Depending on the nature of the demonstration, further approval may be required from the venue.

  • Exhibitors must conduct in-booth demonstrations in such a way to ensure all exhibitor staff and attendees are within the contracted exhibit space and not encroaching on the aisle or neighbouring exhibits.
  • It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange displays, product presentation, audio visual presentations and demonstration areas to ensure compliance.
  • Any demonstrations that will include machinery or equipment that has moving parts, or is otherwise potentially hazardous, should install hazard/safety barriers as necessary to prevent accidental injury to attendees, or provide personal protective equipment, if required.
  • Demonstrations should only be conducted by qualified personnel.

Hanging Signs & Graphics

All signage copy and graphics including company name and logos must only be visible from within theexhibitor's booth space and cannot be displayed on the sides or back of the booth.

  • Booths smaller than 400sq.ft. are NOT permitted to hang signs above their booth.
  • Flags and balloons of any kind are NOT permitted.
  • Electric flashers or signs involving the use of Neon or similar cases are prohibited.
  • Hanging signs and graphics must be placed over the contracted booth space only and must be suspended at a maximum height of 16ft (4.87m) from the bottom of the sign to the show floor.
  • Exhibitors wishing to hang signage from the ceiling must order this service through the BMO Centre, with Show Management Approval.
  • Haning signs must adhere to the Calgary Fire Department rules and regulations.


A Tower is a free-standing display separate from the main exhibit backwall.


  • The height restriction is the same as the exhibit space configuration being used.
  • Towers built higher than 8ft (2.4m) must have booth designs/schematics submitted to Show Management for approval by September 23, 2024.

Show Standards

BUILDEX is the premier industry event in Alberta for all things construction, architecture, design and property management. BUILDEX attracts industry professionals from across Western Canada and the booth designs should represent and reflect that high business standard.

The look and feel of your exhibit space will make a direct impact on attendees on the tradeshow floor. Ensure that you consider factors such as lighting, flooring, layout and customer experience to ensure your space exceeds expectations

Floor Covering

The cost of booth carpet/floor covering is not included in the booth rental; exhibitors are strongly encouraged to bring or rent their own floor covering. To rent carpet through Levy Show Services click here.

Drilling, painting, or nailing of the floor is strictly prohibited. Exhibitors wishing to lay tile or other floor covering, or build any structure, may not adhere it directly to the building floor. It is required that building paper, plastic sheeting, or some other suitable protection be laid on the building floor. If two-sided tape is used, it must be completely removed by the exhibitor during move-out. Exhibitors must NOT use masking tape, clear packaging tape or duct tape to adhere the covering to the show floor. The recommended tape is Scapa Tape which is a high-adhesion double-sided loth tape commonly used at trade shows; it leaves almost no residue upon removal. Scapa Tape is available from National Hardware Sales Ltd. (Tel. 1.877.877.0873 / sales@nhsmedia). Adhesives for promotional floor stickers, decals, window applications, wraps, or other promotional items must be pre-approved for use.

Upon removal of each booth, the BMO Centre at Stampede Park and Show Management will inspect each space for any damages incurred by the exhibitor and to check that all materials, including tape residue left on the floor, are properly removed. Any charges to repair damage the exhibit space will be passed on to the exhibitor. All garbage, and disposal of leftover materials are the responsibility of the exhibitor, if materials are left in the booth, the fee for disposal will be passed on to the exhibitor.

When planning flooring for your exhibit space please keep sustainability and reusable options in mind.


It is recommended that exhibitors supplement the facility lighting with their own, or rented lighting for their display on the tradeshow floor. Clip lighting can be purchased from Canadian Tire, or your local home improvement store.

Electrical & Internet Services

All electrical and internet services are provided exclusively by the BMO Centre at Stampede Park. Exhibitors are responsible for arranging their own electrical power or internet service which should be ordered in advance using the online ordering system. Exhibitors are not allowed to install any electrical wiring devices on-site other than regular extension cords. All on-site hard wiring and connections must be done by BMO Centre electricians. Extension cords must be of the three-prong type (ie. grounded) and must contain wires of the proper size to carry the electrical load.

All electrical connections, installations, motor connections, or any electrical operating equipment must conform to all Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements and the Canadian Electrical Code or UL requirements. Be advised that camlock electrical disconnections may only be performed by venue electricians. Live cables or wires left unattended compromise the safety of the Centre employees and Guests. Unauthorized electrical disconnections will result in a $1,500 fine and/or an investigation from Alberta OHS.

Electrical Appliances in Booth Display

All wiring must be in done in an approved manner, acceptable to the latest edition of the Canadian Electrical Code. The OHS will not accept:

  • open joints
  • joints that are taped
  • ungrounded wiring
  • improper box connectors

Any lighting or wiring that is not factory assembled must be approved by an accredited approval agency prior to move-in. Exhibitors will have to place an order with the BMO Centre for the in-house electricians to correct any deficient wiring, a standard hourly rate will be charged for this service. Exhibitors placing on-site orders to correct wiring that is not up to code will be worked on as soon as all pre-ordered items are installed. It is strongly recommended that all wiring and lighting inspections and corrections be taken care of before being brought on site.

Show Floor Safety for Move-In/Move-Out

Occupational Health and Safety

Everyone must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Alberta (regulations and safety codes) and the BMO Centre at Stampede Park requirements and policies in place at the time of the Event. Written pre-job hazard assessments may be required for workers, contractors and service providers coming into the BMO Centre at Stampede Park. Approved hard hats must be worn in booths where overhead work and any work above 10 ft. is being done. Show management will be vigilantly monitoring the show floor to ensure a safe work environment. Everyone must make it a priority to minimize the potential hazards and reduce the risk of injuries. Should you see a hazard or unsafe work practice on the show floor, notify show management immediately.

Safety Footwear & Safety Vests

All exhibitor personnel involved with the move-in and/or move-out process (i.e. material handling, erecting/dismantling exhibits, etc.) MUST wear closed toed shoes at all times during move-in and move-out regardless of their booth size or location on the show floor. If exhibitors are performing construction in their booth space, appropriate safetywear must be worn such as steel-toed shoes, hardhats, high visibility safety vests etc.

Important note: The following footwear are absolutely prohibited during move-in and move-out: open-toed shoes such as sandals and flip flops, ballet-style shoes, crocs and high-heeled shoes.

We strongly recommend everyone onsite wear CSA Approved steel-toed shoes for both Move-In and Move-Out.

Soliciting & Sampling

Distribution of signage, samples, souvenirs, or literature must be confined within the exhibitor’s booth space. Absolutely no solicitation is allowed in the aisles, at any show or building entrance, or anywhere on the grounds of the BMO Centre at Stampede Park.

In our continued effort to promote a healthy and safe and sustainable show floor we are asking that you find alternatives to handing out samples or swag from your booth. There are some amazing examples of executing this in a manner that is safe and recommend that you explore the use of QR codes to scan at your booth for contests, promotional materials, videos etc. If you need any direction please connect with Cassandra Pelis at

Only participating exhibitors have the exclusive right to promote or sell goods or services in this show. All other solicitations without the express written permission of Show Management will be permanently removed from the show area. Please report any infractions to the show office so that immediate action can be taken.


Liquid propane gas (LPG) is not available for purchase through the BMO Centre.

All Exhibitors are required to comply with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety practices for the handling and storage of flammable materials at the work site and the Centre safety practices, as follows:

• Propane must be securely stored outdoors, with no more than a 5 lb. can at any given Exhibitor booth and/or display.
• LPG/LNG (for example, propane) fueled vehicles are not permitted indoors unless tanks are purged. That includes propane tanks used for cooking. Ensure that purging certificates are readily available.

Rigging and Overhead Trade Banners

All Overhead banners must be approved to be hung in advance by Show Management. E-mail for approval, then request sign hanging from the BMO Centre at Stampede Park.

Please note: As per the Alberta Fire code, all banners, signs and hanging décor are subject to and must be CAN/ULC-S109 certified or shall be treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by means of a flame retardant solution to ensure that the material will pass the match flame test in NFPA2 705, “Field Flame Test for Textiles and Films.” Proof of compliance with the Alberta Fire Code is required for hanging to be approved.

Display of Motorized and Non-Motorized Vehicles

All display vehicles must be approved by Show Management. Email vehicle details to Cassandra Pelis at for approval.

If you plan to display motorized vehicles during an event:

  • The venue and the Calgary Fire Department shall be notified at least 10 days prior to event move-in.
  • Vehicle fuel and fuel level regulations must be adhered to.
  • Additional Calgary Fire Department regulations may apply, based on the size of the vehicle.
  • Onsite vehicle inspection upon entry to the venue must be conducted by a designated Centre employee.
  • Studded tires are not permitted in indoor spaces.
  • Place an approved drip tray underneath vehicle for floor protection.
  • Ethanol, methanol, or nitro methane fuel tanks must be completely empty.
  • Vehicles to be displayed in carpeted spaces require protection under the tires, such as plastic discs or a separate piece of carpet.
  • Motorized vehicles may not be operated on carpeted areas of the venue.
  • Vehicles must be in clean, dry condition upon entry. In the event a vehicle is moving in during inclement weather, plastic or another approved covering of the carpet is required.
  • Do not leave keys in the vehicle.
  • Complete and submit the Vehicle Display Permit Form.
  • Comply with restrictions on spray bottles for cleaning.
  • Floor load restrictions must be adhered to at all times.

For safety reasons the use of spray bottles for cleaning and detailing of display vehicles is prohibited inside as the overspray can create slippery and therefore dangerous floor surface.

Subletting of Space

No exhibitor shall (without the written consent of Show Management), share their booth space with any other exhibitor or person, or assign, sublet or apportion the whole or part of the space assigned to any other exhibitor or person, except to a parent or subsidiary corporation or business. The exhibitor remains fully responsible and liable under its contract for all activities of any person occupying or using its space. The exhibitor shall not, without the written consent of Show Management, represent any other firm, corporation or individual, or advertise, distribute literature concerning, or offer for sale, the product of any other firm, corporation or individual, except as specified in its contract for space.

Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Aerial Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are defined as any “powered” remote-controlled, unmanned aircraft device under the operation of one or multiple persons. The BMO Centre (as well as Show Management) must review and approve requests to operate Aerial Drones/UAV within a Client’s contracted space in the BMO Centre.

The review process will be based on provisions requested by the BMO Centre and all safety parameters are met, (Transport Canada Regulations on safety parameters shall be applied during the review/approval process as well as the City of Calgary Drone bylaws)


Animals in Events - Whenever there is a plan to involve animals in events on Stampede Park, the well-being of the animals must be safeguarded. It is essential that a clear understanding, acceptance, and compliance of responsibilities is undertaken by Event Organizers, Competitors, and Exhibitors alike.

Alberta Health Services (AHS), Environmental Health has specific requirements for the safe operation of animal attractions, interactive displays, and farm visits. For information, please check Alberta Health Services and/or contact:

AHS Environmental Public Health Office
Calgary Main Office

We are required to create a location for collection and disposal of animal waste, which will be set up by the Calgary Stampede and labour charges will apply at the exhibitor's expense.

Service Animals - Service animals must have a valid Service Dog Identification Card. There is a dedicated service animal relief area in the expanded BMO Centre, opening in June 2024

Pets - All those working at or attending events are prohibited from bringing pets or other animals onto Stampede Park, unless they show a valid Service Dog Identification Card. Owners of pets must follow the City of Calgary’s responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 47M2021.

Noises, Horns & Alarms

Sound effects, loud speakers, stage shows or entertainment provided by exhibitors must be cleared by Show Management to avoid interference with other exhibitors. The determination of Show Management as to whether any article or merchandise is objectionable for display at the event shall be final

Interpretations & Amendments

Show Management has the full power to interpret and enforce all rules contained herein, the power to make amendments and to enact such further rules and regulations as they shall consider necessary for the proper conduct of the event.

Regulations - Health, Safety & Security

Please review the information below before coming onsite

Fire Safety Regulations

Indoor events held at the Centre must comply with the Calgary Fire Department’s minimum safety code standards, as outlined in CFD Indoor Special Event Requirements.

If you have a tent or air supported structure over 27.9 m2 (300 ft2), we require advance written approval and potentially a permit from the Calgary Fire Department prior to the event. Please email details to Cassandra Pelis at

Show Floor & Safety Rules

Everyone on the show floor is responsible for ensuring a healthy and safe working environment. This is for your safety and it is the law.

If you have any questions related to these rules please contact show management.

  • All incident/accidents that occur on-site must be reported to security and show management immediately.
  • For fire and medical emergencies, you must follow the Facilities emergency response procedure.
  • No persons under 16 years of age are allowed on the show floor during move-in/move-out.
  • All personnel on the show floor during move-in/move-out are required to wear CSA approved safety footwear. This a legal requirement for which you are personally responsible and liable for.
  • Emergency exits must be kept clean and clear of any materials at all times.
  • Only authorized vehicles are allowed on the show floor. Maximum speed is walking speed. Keep vehicle idling to a minimum.
  • Do not stand on tables, chairs, boxes, etc.
  • Proper fall protection equipment (i.e. CSA approved tether and safety harness) must be worn when working at heights over 3 meters (10 feet).
  • Ladders are not to be used as working platforms for work over 3 meters high (10 feet).
  • When working in an area where overhead work exists, use of CSA approved hardhats are required (& safety glasses when necessary).
  • All work areas/booth spaces are to be kept clean and in reasonable order. Please put your garbage in the appropriate waste containers.
  • Use personal protective equipment as required by law (i.e. safety glass, gloves, orange vests).
  • No smoking.

General Health & Safety Requirements

All Exhibitors must:

  • Ensure their on-site employees and suppliers/contractors comply with all required safe work practices as required by health and safety law and outlined in this document.
  • Ensure that any of their on-site employees and suppliers/contractors appointed as supervisors have been adequately trained in local health and safety legislation and have a good understanding of the industry hazards & controls as they relate to their responsibilities
  • Ensure that any of their on-site employees and suppliers/contractors operating any equipment on the show floor have been properly trained and certified to operate the equipment as required.
  • Ensure that all on-site employees and suppliers/contractors whose activities require the use of Personal Protective Equipment are properly equipped.
  • Monitor and enforce the required health and safety practices for their on-site employees and suppliers/contractors during move-in and move-out.
  • When lifting, test the load for weight if it’s too heavy or awkward, seek assistance.
  • When lifting bend your knees, as you lift, keep your back straight and the load close to your body. Don’t twist or side bend while moving with a load.
  • Ensure that all Exhibitor owned/rented equipment, tools and machinery are/have been maintained in safe operating condition in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Ensure during any overhead work that safe work practices are being complied with.
  • Must provide copies of any accident or incident reports to Show Management as applicable.
  • Must comply with all safety rules while working in or accessing any common areas.
  • Must work together with the Facility, Show Management, and Contractors to ensure dock/traffic safety requirements are maintained.

Show management will be monitoring the show floor to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. Should you or your employees observe any hazard or unsafe work practice on the show floor, we request that you notify Show Management immediately.

If you have outside contractors or other individuals working in your booth they must also be aware of the Health & Safety Requirement at BUILDEX shows.

Exhibit Hall Security

BUILDEX and the BMO Centre take security precautions to safeguard the exhibit hall and loading dock areas during move-in and move-out as well as during show hours. Security Supervisors are trained in CPR and First Aid, and all guards receive security training in accordance with provincial legislation.

While security is provided, exhibitors must be vigilant and aware of your possessions. During the show it is important that a staff member remains in your booth at all times as well as at least 10 minutes after closing until all of the public has left the building.

Never leave cash or credit card receipts in your booth overnight.