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October 23 & 24, 2024
BMO Centre at Stampede Park


Extended programming and free to attend educational sessions, product demonstrations and Keynote discussions on the BUILDEX Tradeshow Floor and Conference Level. Sessions will be updated regularly so check back often for updates!

Conference Rooms

W18-Creating Safe Spaces for Indigenous Students: Three Perspectives

Wednesday, October 18
1:00PM- 2:00PM

Campuses, civic buildings, and public spaces are increasingly seeking to provide a sense of welcome to users from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, including important perspectives from Indigenous people. Design teams, however, often do not represent the same diversity. How then, can a project’s creators integrate perspectives and cultural themes to make less-represented groups feel welcome?

This seminar describes an example of how a design team seeking to create welcoming space can work collaboratively with diverse users to provide safe and culturally appropriate space for Indigenous communities.


Tai Ziola, Architect & Partner, DIALOG

Robert Sabulka, Associate Vice President, Infrastructure, Planning and Management, MacEwan University

Jaycee Meneen, Student Advisor, kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre, MacEwan University

W28- Microgrid Solutions for Alberta’s Communities

Wednesday, October 18
2:30PM- 3:30PM

Presenting Partner: Decentralized Energy Canada (DEC)

As Alberta’s energy costs continue to increase, alternative energy distribution methods such as microgrids are becoming more popular. Microgrids are local energy systems that use more than one type of distributed energy (e.g., solar, energy storage, combined heat and power, vehicle to grid solutions etc.) that are optimised through a controller and connected to local distribution lines.

Join this seminar to learn how Alberta is poised to be a microgrid leader over the next decade and what the impacts will be for businesses and consumers.

The presenters will share, and attendees will learn:
• Why Alberta may need to rely on microgrids and local energy options in the future
• What energy options are best suited for microgrids
• The role of renewable energy sources in the microgrid
• The solutions that other jurisdictions have implemented effectively that Alberta may consider adopting
• How microgrids may reduce energy costs due to shorter distribution distances


Jim Gilliland, Director, Engineering Services, Williams Engineering Canada

Earl Badge, rDirector, Energy & Utilities, University of Calgary

Andrea Kraj, President & CEO, CORE Renewable Energy Inc.

Pratap Revuru, Senior Director, MicroGrid Solutions and Strategic Partnerships, Schneider Electric Canada Inc.

T06: Raising the Bar: Tangible Steps to Advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Commercial Real Estate Sector

Thursday, October 19
9:00AM- 10:00AM

Sponsor: Alberta Real Estate Foundation (AREF)

The REET Institute has created an educational framework to introduce youth at the high school age to the commercial real estate industry. The industry has recognized the need to create a talent pipeline of young, diverse workers who don’t “stumble” into a career in CRE, but instead intentionally walk into this industry. Hear from two of the founders of the REET Institute about the insights and learnings from its first year of providing this program. These insights will help your company connect with the talent pipeline of young, diverse youth and how to foster their growth in your companies.


Andrel Wisdom, Founder, REET Institute

Kryzia Wisdom, Director, REET Institute


W12: Cross-Industry Keynote: Rivers District Master Plan- Revitalizing Calgary’s Future

Wednesday, October 18
10:15AM – 11:15AM

Envisioned as Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and the Calgary Stampede’s 20-year vision for east Victoria Park calls for a mixed-use community that will be home to 8,000 new residents and 4 million square feet of new mixed use development space. The Rivers District Master Plan has been designed to be flexible enough to imagine and integrate modernized amenities like an expanded BMO Centre, a revitalized Victoria Park/Stampede LRT station, a new Stampede Trail retail corridor and a future event centre, among others. As development progresses, the plan and community will accommodate and support a variety of entertainment and cultural amenities and will support the revitalization of Calgary’s downtown.


Clare LePan, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Kate Thompson, President & CEO, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Jim Laurendeau, Vice President, Park Development & Operations, Calgary Stampede

Sheryl McMullen, Manager, Investment & Marketing, Downtown Strategy, City of Calgary

W13: Property Management Keynote: What Do Tenants’ Really Want & Why?

Wednesday, October 18
11:45AM – 12:45PM

Presenting Partner: BOMA Calgary

Sponsor: Alberta Real Estate Foundation (AREF)

In this seminar, the panelists will examine what changes commercial property managers should implement for the biggest impact on increasing occupancy in office buildings. These strategies may include amenities that tenants are seeking, building presentation and positioning, and property management process and communication. This seminar will also address how commercial leasing impacts all areas of the real estate sector.


Laurel Edwards, Senior Vice President, Valuation and Property Tax Services, Avison Young

Adam Hayes, Principal, Occupier Services, Avison Young

Ryan Handley, Vice President, Office Leasing , Brookfield Properties

Candace Clark, Practice Leader, Western Canada, Avison Young

W29: Architecture Keynote: Glenbow Museum Revitalization: Showcasing Calgary as an Emerging Architectural Leader

Wednesday, October 18
2:30PM- 3:30PM

The reimagined Glenbow Museum will be a people-centered place that celebrates community vibrancy, while elevating Calgary on the global stage of design, architecture, and renewal.

This Keynote will focus on preliminary concepts and design development strategies as well as the ongoing construction process both interior and exterior of the existing building. The presentation will showcase the idiosyncrasies that make Glenbow so unique and how the design will work to celebrate such characteristics throughout its transformation. The speakers will also explore Glenbow’s unique envelope design and how energy targets were met while using an existing concrete structure.  Finally, attendees will gain insights on the project team’s innovative approach to achieving the project design, the advanced products and technologies used on the building envelopes, as well as key lessons learned during the project.


Connor Hayduk, Director of Creative, Heavy

Kyle Auch, Associate, Architect, DIALOG

T09: Interior Design Keynote: Designing Resilience: Thriving in the Creative World of Interior Design

Thursday, October 19
10:15AM- 11:15AM

Presenting Partner: Interior Designers of Alberta

If you find yourself completing projects at midnight, meeting tight deadlines, and managing unrealistic expectations, know that you are not alone. The demanding nature of creative work, combined with the pressure to consistently produce high-quality output, can lead to stress and burnout. It should come as no surprise that employee burnout is on the rise in the interior design industry and that may hold back creativity.

This seminar will shed light on an often-overlooked issue: burnout in the interior design industry. Attendees joining this seminar will gain information and insights to acquire a comprehensive understanding of what burnout is and how to prevent it. The speakers will explore the unique challenges faced by interior designers, the underlying causes of burnout in this creative profession, and practical strategies to overcome and prevent it. By the end of this seminar, attendees will be equipped with practical tools and insights to advocate for healthier work environments within their industry, which will ultimately help with fostering a culture of well-being and sustainable creativity.


Laura Lee Ross, Workplace Specialist, A&D Market Manager (Southern Alberta), Teknion

Dr. Joan Hillson, Registered Psychologist, HEAL Psychology

T16: Construction Keynote: Highlighting New Policies, Strategies, and Approaches for Attracting & Retaining Construction Talent in Today’s Highly Competitive Labour Market

Thursday, October 19
11:45AM- 12:45PM

Presenting Partners: Alberta Construction Association, Edmonton Construction Association and Calgary Construction Association

Alberta’s construction workforce faces a significant shortfall and is expected to need 43,100 additional workers by 2032. Against this shortfall, construction is competing against a range of related and unrelated industries and entities, many perceived as having more attractive, prosperous, and respectable employment opportunities. Consequently, our industry needs to make fundamental changes in the way it attracts, develops, and retains new workers to match the competition while at the same time addressing its public image.

This seminar brings together a panel of expertise and out of the box thinkers to address the scale of the challenge. At this potential inflection point for change, seminar attendees will hear how action and collaboration from the industry as a collective will be needed to help create the construction businesses to compete for tomorrow’s workforce.


Bill Black, President and COO, Calgary Construction Association

Jen Hancock, Vice Chair, Edmonton Construction Association & Alberta Construction Association

T23: Adaptive Reuse of Buildings: What Is Possible & How to Make It Work

Thursday, October 19
1:15pm- 2:15pm

This seminar will provide insight into the transformation of office towers and explore the concept of repurposing aging buildings including the history of design and why older buildings need new functions.

The speakers will highlight the challenges the real estate industry faces with change and will examine potential solutions, including mixed-use options.
Strategies for integrating amenities, public spaces, and street improvements will be explored. The panel will discuss what impact development has and outline incentives offered in different cities and the financing options available for larger-scale projects.

The speakers will share and attendees will learn:
• The history of design and why buildings that are 50+ years old need to be repurposed
• Why real-estate doesn’t like change
• Solutions and mixed opinions: to convert or not convert
• Why most banks are opposed to creative solutions


Maxim Olshevsky, CEO/Managing Director, Astra Group/Peoplefirst Developments

Sheryl Mc, MullenManager, Investment & Marketing, Downtown Strategy, City of Calgary

Mark Jewells, Director, Commercial Financing, First National Financial LP

Alejandro Benavides, AVP, Commercial Real Estate, ConnectFirst Credit Union


D02: EV Connect: Charging Management Solution Made Easy With Premium Customer Service (Schneider Electric Canada Inc.)

Wednesday, October 18
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Sponsor: Schneider Electric

Join this presentation to learn more about Schneider Electric’s vision of the prosumer market outlook in Canada. The speaker will share, and attendees will learn:
• How to visualize, automate, and personalize energy production and consumption
• The benefits of managing energy bills and rate plans to help minimize costs
• Strategies for maximizing resiliency by enabling customers control loads and manage battery charge and discharge
• How to optimize EV charging based on solar output, tariff, and electrical panel rating


Eric Nikolaishvili, Offer Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric Canada Inc.

D04: Real-Time Energy Management: Ecopilot for HVAC in Action (Ecopilot)

Wednesday, October 18
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Sponsor: Ecopilot

With rising energy costs and tighter energy efficiency standards, the world is looking for solutions to reduce operating costs, reduce impacts on the environment, all while maintaining building comfort. Traditional building automation systems (BAS) have been around for decades. However, these traditional control systems typically don’t account for variables such as thermal mass, weather, or internal loads, which can have a varying effect on comfort and energy use.

Ecopilot® is AI for existing Building Management Systems that uses predictive weather, internal temperature, and a buildings’ thermodynamic properties to re-commission a building every 2-minutes, garnering average annual HVAC savings of 25%. In this seminar, the presenter will take attendees live into one of the 1,200 buildings utilizing Ecopilot®’s technology that can reduce complaints, costs, and carbon. Attendees will learn how Ecopilot® can harness the thermodynamics of a building by using weather forecasting and real time data to optimize HVAC efficiency and how Ecopilot® data can be used as a powerful diagnostic tool to support long-term maintenance plans. The presenter will share the details of how attendees can obtain a free building assessment and an exclusive guaranteed energy savings offer.


Nick Kendrick, Head of Business Development, Ecopilot AI

D05: The Path to Net-Zero Concrete (Heidelberg Materials)

Wednesday, October 18
1:15 PM – 1:45 PM

Sponsor: Heidelberg Materials

Heidelberg Materials is excited to share that they are building the first global full-scale, net-zero carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) facility in the cement industry. This means, Heidelberg Materials is on the way to producing net-zero cement without using offsets. As many are aware, embodied carbon dioxide emissions from concrete can make up the majority of carbon dioxide emissions of materials in the built environment. Within concrete, cement, the binding agent, is responsible for as much as 90% of the associated carbon dioxide emissions. Heidelberg Materials is actively engaged in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in cement production. The development of the CCUS project will enable the production and availability of net-zero cement, reducing the overall carbon footprint in the built environment. Net-zero cement will significantly decrease the embodied carbon dioxide emissions in buildings, infrastructure projects, and anywhere concrete or cement products are used. Heidelberg Materials is taking a step forward to foster a sustainable future. Attendees joining this seminar will learn more about net-zero cement, net-zero concrete, and creating a pathway to carbon neutrality in the construction industry.


Granit Gasi, Technical Sales & Marketing Representative Sustainability, Heidelberg Materials

D07: The Future Is Here: Sage Intacct Construction (ETHOSystems)

Wednesday, October 18
3:45 PM – 4:15 PM

Sponsor: Ethos Systems

This immersive seminar is designed exclusively for professionals in the construction industry to discover how Sage Intacct Construction can revolutionize financial management processes. In this session, attendees will explore the power of cloud-based accounting and financial software tailored to meet the unique demands of construction businesses.

Whether you’re an executive, CFO, controller, or project manager, this seminar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to enhance financial control, drive profitability, and achieve operational excellence in the construction sector.

Attendees joining this interactive presentation will explore the following topics:

  • Streamlined Project Accounting: Learn how to efficiently track project costs, manage budgets, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Real-time Reporting: Harness the capabilities of real-time financial reporting and analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Compliance Made Easy: Explore how Sage Intacct Construction simplifies compliance with industry-specific regulations.
  • Scalable Solutions: Discover how our platform can grow with your business, adapting to your evolving needs.
  • Integration and Collaboration: Uncover the benefits of seamless integration with other construction management tools and improve team collaboration.
  • Case Studies: Gain insights from success stories of construction companies that have transformed their operations with Sage Intact.


Derek Schaerer, Senior Sage Account Executive, ETHOSystems

D08: Tiled Showers Made Simple: A 15-Minute Install (Simple Shower Solutions)

Thursday, October 19
9:45 AM – 10:15 AM

Sponsor: Simple Shower Solutions

Typically, tiled showers are assembled using either dry pack methods or with kits that are cut and assembled on site, their integrity is wholly reliant to the installer’s skill set or lack there of. Simple Shower Solutions shower base is changing the industry one builder at a time. The ability to obtain custom one piece, pre sloped, fully waterproof ready to tile shower bases has been a game changer for small contractors and big builders alike. Join this demonstration to see how Simple Shower Solutions’ one piece, custom ready to tile shower base flips the script on your typical tiled shower installation. The ready to tile shower base installs in 15 to 20 minutes and can be installed by less skilled labor leaving the tile installation to your professional tile setters.


Richard Bussiere, VP of Sales, Simple Shower Solutions

D09- Simplify Your Business & Increase NOI With Yardi Breeze Premier (Yardi Canada Ltd.)

Thursday, October 19
11:00 AM – 11:30AM

Sponsor: Yardi Breeze Premier

There’s no denying the importance of implementing innovative software to help manage your properties. But how do innovative solutions help drive success and achieve your goals?

Join this live 30-minute session to discover how a powerful and intuitive platform like Breeze Premier makes increasing tenant satisfaction, delivering unmatched quality service, and boosting your competitive edge easier and more streamlined than ever.


Carlo Rocha, Regional Account Executive, Yardi Canada Ltd.

D10: How to Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Risk Using Panelization (Canam Group Inc.)

Thursday October 19
12:45 PM – 1:15 PM

Sponsor: Murox by Canam

Canam’s panelized solution for structure and envelope cuts erection time in half, allowing for faster building enclosure and tighter deadlines. The Fast Track Design Build approach can eliminate risk on nearly 25% of the project’s value by procuring directly from the manufacturer. This direct procurement strategy ensures quality control and reduces the potential for errors and delays.

This system offers several advantages: it streamlines the construction process by pre-engineering and fabricating building components off-site, minimizing on-site labor and coordination efforts for faster construction. Additionally, the solution provides exceptional structural stability and energy efficiency. Each panel is precision-engineered to fit seamlessly into place, resulting in a durable and well-insulated building envelope.


Michael LeBlanc, Business Development Manager, Canam Group Inc.


D03- Vectorworks Architect: Design Without Limits From Sketch to BIM (Vectorworks)

Wednesday, October 18
11:45AM- 12:15PM

Sponsor: Vectorworks

Discover what Vectorworks Architect can do for your design process and your architectural projects. Join the speaker as they go from initial hand sketch to drawing, modelling, and rendering in a fully integrated BIM workflow – all within Vectorworks. Whether you are an architect or designer who is looking for a flexible, design-oriented solution or you are an existing Vectorworks user who wants to take your practice further, this seminar is for you.


Neil Barman, Architect, Product Specialist, Vectorworks Inc.

W30- Smart Sustainable Tech Showcase

Wednesday, October 18
3:30pm- 4:30pm

Sponsor: SSRIA 

The Smart Sustainable Tech Showcase is specifically designed to provide a direct line to industry for companies who have developed an innovative and sustainable technology, product or process that can reduce carbon waste from the built environment. Each showcase provides an opportunity for building owners and operators, construction firms, architects, and engineers to learn about the latest innovations in the local sustainable tech space and connect with the game changers behind them.

Join SSRIA’s Tech Showcase to learn firsthand about ways in which you can enhance the sustainable credentials and performance of your next building project!


Pamela Goertzen, Executive Director, SSRIA

David Yiptong, Regional Director (Alberta), Foresight Cleantech Accelerator

Jeff Kwok, CEO, AI Shading

Melanie Ross, Research Manager, SAIT - Green Building Technology

James Bererton, Principal Energy Innovator, Stantec

Ed Macnab, CEO, 3DPHC – 3D Printed Homes Corporation

Nick Kendrick, Head of Business Development, Ecopilot AI

Zhongyi Quan, CEO, Swift Charge

Arshan Singh, Co-founder, Enersion Inc.

D11 - Turning your Biggest Investment Into Your Greatest Asset: Tracking and Monetizing Equipment ROI (Rooster)

Thursday, October 19
1:00PM- 1:30PM

Sponsor: Rooster

We’ve all learned the essentials of traditional equipment management. Fortunately, the construction industry has begun to embrace technology solutions that move the equipment management role into a central source of truth. Some companies have adopted cross-functional large-scale enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs), some piece together “home-grown” systems, and others are just starting the transition. However, everyone seeks effective, uncomplicated ways to contribute to the company’s success. In today’s skilled-labor-constrained environment we need to a) develop best practices for deciding to rent or buy b) quickly gather and analyze utilization data to support informed decisions c) improve accuracy of equipment utilization metrics, which affects financial efficiencies – both in quoting and billing – and the bottom line. 


Wayne Spain, Customer Engagement Manager, Rooster Asset Tracking Systems


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