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September 9-11, 2024
The Marriott Marquis Times SquareNew York

New technology = new opportunities

New technology means new opportunities to transform and grow your organization. See them IRL this September. 


1Kosmos unifies identity proofing and passwordless MFA for financial services organizations in an effort to prevent account fraud, account takeover, and transaction fraud.


The Agtools platform for financial and insurance companies addresses the lack of real time data across the ag industry and food supply chain leading to production and consumption mismatches, food waste, unnecessary financial losses, and CO2 impact.

AI Squared

AI Squared’s AI platform for financial service organizations reduces the integration times of AI/ML results by using reverse ETL for ML and augmentation.

Alto Solutions

Alto Solutions digital alternative asset investment platform and self-directed IRA custodian streamlines the otherwise complicated and time-consuming process of investing and accepting IRA capital in alternative assets for companies, funds and other investment platforms seeking to raise retail investor capital and the every-day investors wishing to invest in them.


Apiture’s AI-based solution for consumers uses known data (e.g., transaction history, account balances, and engagement metrics) to create a real-time evaluation of an individual's current financial standing and recommendations to improve that standing.


Autobooks Tap to Pay on iPhone provides small business payment acceptance for financial institutions.


AutoCloud introduces automated infrastructure as code generation capabilities for AWS, Azure, and GCP so they can quickly deliver compliant workloads to cloud systems across large teams within financial organizations that have strict compliance, security, and governance requirements.


Bankjoy’s Online Account Opening 2.0 quickly and seamlessly onboards new customers and members, enhancing the digital banking experience while driving deposit growth for financial institutions.

Bits of Stock

The Investor Rewards Checking Account, created by Bits of Stock, drives new deposit acquisition and retention for credit unions and banks by offering fractional shares as a reward for daily spending.


Bud’s AI-powered data insights for banks, credit unions, and fintechs increases a business’ understanding of their customers, accounts, and transactions.


Cashy’s social financial education game increases user engagement for financial marketing teams.

CD Valet

CD Valet’s online marketplace provides an unbiased, ad-free platform to share, compare, and open Certificates of Deposit for financial institutions and consumers shopping for the most competitive rates and terms nationwide.


Chimney’s embedded financial platform for financial institutions addresses the lack of actionable advice and personalized offers that are provided to homeowners within digital banking.


ClimateTrade’s decarbonization solutions reduce the negative impact of a financial institution’s carbon footprint.


Cloverly is a technology-based platform for building sustainable services designed for product and sustainability leaders in the financial services, supply chain, and technology industries and addresses the lack of access and information on climate action.

Connect Earth

Connect Earth’s API for financial institutions, fintechs, and their customers brings awareness to how consumer and business spending can impact the environment.


CREED’s digital platform, interface, and workflow for banks and other commercial real estate finance market participants addresses the inefficient systems underpinning commercial real estate liquidity and capital flows.


DataVisor's Fraud and Risk Platform targets financial crime for financial services and commerce companies.


Debbie is a next-gen loan and deposits marketplace for credit unions and underserved consumers that breaks the vicious cycle of credit card debt.


Effectiv’s unified fraud and compliance automation risk management platform for community financial institutions and fintechs replaces outdated, siloed fraud and compliance systems with a more affordable, automated financial crime solution.

Engage People

Engage People’s Access Plus increases engagement and reduces point liabilities for loyalty program owners, brands, banks, card issuers, payment processors, and above all, loyalty program consumers.’s virtual, AI-based, sales development representative for lenders, banks and other key financial players improves the resource-heavy process of lead qualification and self-checkout.


FeatureByte’s feature platform for data science and data engineering teams improves the laborious and expensive data preparation and deployment process for ML.

Silicon Valley-based is the first platform to apply real-time big data and machine learning to create a segment of one digital experience that addresses the unique needs of prospective and new clients.

FinTech Insights

FinTech Insights for banks, credit unions, and fintechs addresses the lack of digital banking competitor data.


Flybits OpenDome is a new and exciting way to create and deliver opportunities for personalized customer engagement for the financial services industry through multidimensional and immersive experiences using proprietary, partner-driven, and open-banking data.


Fundica’s unique, DEI-driven funding search engine drives business client acquisition and retention for financial institutions and ultimately democratizes access to funding.


Fyle’s innovative no-code, white label expense management platform for banks offering business credit cards provides real time feeds directly from Visa and Mastercard, improving customer retention and enhancing spending visibility.


GreenPortfolio’s climate ratings SaaS platform, with their proprietary AI-powered scoring system, provides easily digestible climate metrics for retail investing and banking to a new generation of values-aligned retail investors.


HappyNest’s mobile investing and savings app enables access to high-quality real estate assets for non-accredited retail investors looking to diversify their portfolios.


Illuma’s voice authentication and fraud prevention solution for mid-size financial institution contact centers addresses the problems of customer friction and security.


Inscribe’s risk intelligence solution for risk and operations teams identifies trustworthy and creditworthy customers without the pain of manual document reviews.’s Sphere, an industry-first generative AI-powered multimodal ChatGPT-like AI assistant for banks and credit unions, streamlines customer inquiries and interactions traditionally handled by customer support teams.


Jaid, a proprietary AI powered solution for financial institutions and fund administrators, extracts critical data from diverse company and customer communications and organizes the data into meaningful, actionable insights that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows.


Kard's API-first rewards platform for modern banks and issuers addresses customer loyalty and retention issues.


LemonadeLXP reduces growth challenges and improves digital fluency and adoption for financial institutions and fintechs.


MacroMicro’s macroeconomic investment information platform highlights economic trends, interprets data, and helps retail and professional investors make investment decisions.

Mahalo Banking

Mahalo Banking's reimagined next-generation banking platform with industry-first neurodiversity functionality provides digital support for credit unions seeking to accommodate all members, including those with neurodiverse abilities and cognitive distinctions whose digital experiences have been neglected.

Merlin Investor

Merlin Investor is an educational, strategizing and tracking tool for banks and trading platforms that attracts and retains the new generation of retail investors.


The NayaOne Digital Sandbox helps banks, credit unions, and insurers partner with fintechs to accelerate innovation.


Nuance Gatekeeper detects deep fakes and synthetic identities to help financial institutions protect themselves and their customers from the fastest growing type of financial crime.


Nymbus SMB is a comprehensive solution that enables financial institutions to provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with seamless money management and bespoke banking features. Running parallel to existing systems, it offers efficiency and cost-effectiveness, enabling institutions to adapt to modern SMB demands without relying on fragmented third-party solutions.


Ocrolus’ AI-driven document automation platform for SMB and consumer lenders reduces fraud and increases risk management oversight.

Pangea Technologies

Pangea Technologies’ FX hedging platform powered by AI addresses FX risk and global currency volatility for companies that have employees, costs, or revenues overseas. 


Payitoff’s embeddable debt management solution for banks and financial wellness providers clarifies debt for borrowers.


Peach’s debt management tool and debt payoff planner for consumers addresses the complexities associated with repaying outstanding loans.


Plinqit’s new high yield savings product for banks and credit unions helps generate high growth deposits with minimal investment when launching a digital brand.


QuickFi seeks to dramatically improve the speed, simplicity, and transparency of the business equipment financing process for equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and their business customers.


Regulo’s face based anti-money laundering and fraud solution for fintechs and banks reduces the high false-positives in sanctions, pep, and fraud screening.


Savana’s digital delivery platform for banks and credit unions removes operational process silos and disjointed customer experiences.


SAVVI AI’s turnkey, easy to use platform for fintechs, insurance companies and midmarket financial services teams reduces the cost, complexity and regulatory issues around embedding AI into products and workflows by building, deploying and managing AI apps without the need for data scientists, custom infrastructure or even pre-existing data.


SESAMm’s Generative AI Solution streamlines ESG controversy monitoring and due diligence analysis for private equity firms, asset managers, and corporations. 


Setuply’s client onboarding automation solution eliminates the barriers between closing the deal and realizing its value for mid-to-enterprise fintech solution providers.

SRM Key Moments

SRM Key Moments’ virtual app-store of pre-built and customizable cardholder engagements promotes card usage and increases customer retention for card issuers, co-brand card, and wallets.


SupraFin’s crypto investment and risk intelligence solutions assess cryptocurrencies for financial institutions, fintech companies, investment funds, ETP creators, crypto payment providers, crypto traders, and anyone dealing with cryptocurrencies.


Telesign's Score reduces online fraud for fintechs.

True Digital Group

The True Digital Platform for banks and credit unions is a vendor search, banking network, and diligence and monitoring tool that optimizes vendor relationships and improves risk management and innovation.

Trust & Will

Trust & Will’s modernized estate planning software with a design-first approach, layered on top of incredible customer support, makes estate planning simple, affordable, and accessible for American families. 


Trustworthy’s collaborative, client-owned environment for financial institutions and fintechs brings the advisor ecosystem to one digital household.

Union Credit

Union Credit’s embedded digital loan marketplace addresses new member acquisition issues for credit unions.


Uprise's human + AI powered financial advisory experience provides affordable financial advice for financial institutions and their customers.


Viffy’s Premium Creator Content Platform for creators, credit card networks, and brick-and-mortar retailers ignores the prohibitive nature of the traditional paywall model for premium creator content by allowing users to fuel their creator subscriptions through their everyday spending.

Wealth Access

Wealth Access’s enterprise customer data unification platform for community banks, trust companies, RIAs, and broker-dealers creates hyper-personalized financial experiences.


Wysh’s Life Benefit solution for financial institutions reduces stagnancy in deposit growth and drives differentiation by creating a new way to attract and retain deposits using insurance benefits.

Zero Bank Design Factory

Zero Bank’s full-cloud, next generation banking system for incumbent banks who want to go digital, digital banks, neobanks, and non-financial companies seeking to embed financial services, reduces the time and cost of building a digital banking experience.