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HRSE KSA (HR Summit & Expo)
Masterclass with Sam Silverstein: 26 May 2024
Conference & Exhibition: 27 - 28 May 2024
Workshops: 29 - 30 May 2024
Mandarin Oriental Al FaisaliahRiyadh, Saudi Arabia



PlatOne is a recruitment platform based in Saudi Arabia that connects highly skilled job seekers with top employers using AI technology. The company's focus is to help Saudi Arabia's elite workforce find jobs with leading companies while offering a comprehensive set of tools to streamline the recruitment process for employers. PlatOne is redefining how recruitment is done in Saudi Arabia by offering an all-in-one platform that caters to both job seekers and recruiters.

For Employers: Streamlined Recruitment Solutions

PlatOne provides a complete suite of recruitment tools for employers. The AI-enabled talent search allows recruiters to find candidates efficiently, while automated candidate matching helps identify the best fit for open positions. Employers can post job openings, send invitations to select candidates, and even manage interview scheduling through the platform.

The platform offers a unique set of features for conducting interviews, including online interviews via Zoom, real-time interview assessment, and detailed reporting. PlatOne also supports single or multiple interview rounds, committee interviews, and even provides an events console for managing recruitment events. Once a candidate is selected, the platform handles the entire process from offering and contracting to onboarding.

For Job Seekers: Simplified Job Search Experience

Job seekers can easily create an account on PlatOne and benefit from a simplified job search experience. After a one-time registration, they can record a 90-second introduction video to showcase their skills and personality. PlatOne's AI technology then recommends job opportunities based on their skills and preferences.

Candidates can easily apply for jobs using the "Super Easy Apply" feature and receive notifications when new suitable positions become available. The platform allows job seekers to book interviews, join recruitment events, and conduct online interviews. PlatOne also generates an eResume and provides a printable version, helping job seekers present themselves professionally to employers. The platform facilitates the receipt of job offers and contract management, ensuring a smooth transition from application to employment.

Company Vision and Culture

PlatOne's vision is to become the leading platform for hiring Saudi elite talent, emphasizing a seamless match between job seekers and employers. The company's core values of integrity, support, and enablement guide its operations, fostering a supportive and inclusive culture. PlatOne promotes a Saudi-centric approach, focusing on empowering young people and enabling remote operations to provide flexibility for both employers and job seekers.

Why Choose PlatOne?

PlatOne's unique selling point is its comprehensive recruitment solution, offering a single platform for the entire hiring process—from search to onboarding. This all-in-one approach eliminates the need for multiple systems or services, making the hiring process efficient and effective. The platform's AI-powered matching and user-friendly features are designed to meet the needs of recruiters and job seekers alike, positioning PlatOne as a leader in the Saudi recruitment market.

Company Launch and Future Plans

As a newly launched company, PlatOne is dedicated to building strong relationships with employers and job seekers. The company's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement ensures that it will stay ahead in the recruitment industry. With plans to expand its offerings and enhance the recruitment experience, PlatOne aims to be at the forefront of Saudi Arabia's talent acquisition sector. By embracing technology and focusing on customer needs, PlatOne is set to make a lasting impact on the Saudi job market.