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Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US
December 15 - 18, 2024
Marriott Marquis San DiegoLive In-Person Event: December 15 - 18, 2024
December 15 - 18, 2024
Marriott Marquis San Diego,
Live In-Person Event: December 15 - 18, 2024


We are committed to running events which are both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. From the innovative ways we interact onsite to the radical changes in the way we build our exhibition - here is a breakdown of how we are embedding sustainability in everything we do.

Sustainability Initiatives

We are proud to deliver you a sustainable event by launching several new initiatives noted below.

Digital Event Guide

Our event guide will be delivered in a 100% digital format through our ConnectMe app this year, significantly reducing our usage of paper products during the live experience.

Lanyards & Name Tags

We will be using a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box to recycle used lanyards and nametags after the event. Please drop off your name tag and lanyard at the registration desk after the event.

Donating event bags to San Diego Food Bank

Leftover event bags will be donated after the event has taken place to San Diego Food Bank in an effort to reduce waste and help communities in the local area. If you would like to donate your bag, please drop it off at the registration desk at the end of the event.

San Diego Rescue Mission: Hygiene Kits

We have partnered with San Diego Rescue mission to create hygiene kits for those in need. Visit us in the Pacific Ballroom foyer to help build a hygiene kit and get involved!

Global Learning Scholarship Program

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US is proud to participate in the Global Learning Scholarship Program (GLSP), providing opportunities for scientists, researchers, pharmaceutical, and medical device professionals from low- and middle-income countries to access the latest ideas, science, technology and partnerships to make a positive impact on fighting global disease.

Our ‘Better Stands’ approach

Through our commitment to the evolution of the exhibitions industry, we aim to ensure that we are delivering the best possible experience for our customers. We believe that by moving away from the use of disposable exhibition booths we will improve the ease, quality, safety and sustainability of the exhibitor experience at our events.

We aim to further minimize exhibition waste by removing carpet in our aisles, using digital signage options as much as possible or using eco cardboard. Finally encouraging our exhibitors to minimize handouts by utilizing our digital download QR code technology at their booths.

Renewable Energy

As well as ensuring our venue is using energy efficient lighting, this year our event will also be fully powered by Renewable Energy

Carbon Offsetting

Our aim for the future is to achieve a fully carbon neutral event. This year we will be offsetting the carbon of all our attendee’s hotel stays.

Informa supports a number of projects around the world through our offset specialist Natural Capital Partners, that have been independently Gold Standard certified as successfully reducing carbon.

Planting a Million Mangroves

We will be planting one mangrove for every attendee that downloads the ConnectMe app!

Donating Signage to University City Highschool

In an effort to minimize waste, we will be donating our signage to the local University City Highschool. They will use the foam core for the art department.


We believe a sustainable event focuses on three main aims...

Social responsibility

We want Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US to be run in a socially responsible manner. To do so, we are focusing on:

  • Doing business safely and ethically
  • Considering wellbeing and accessibility
  • Creating a positive impact on our host cities and measuring our impacts
  • Supporting sponsors and partners in donating to local and industry-related charities

Environmental responsibility

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US will be run in an increasingly environmentally responsible manner, focusing on:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Designing our events to eliminate waste
  • Considering sustainability credentials for every item sourced for the event

Sustainable development

Our aim is for Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US to promote long-term sustainable development - in the way that we run the event but also in how it's implemented in the market as a whole. We are committing to: 

  • Using our content to support the sustainability of the antibody, protein and therapeutics industries
  • Developing close partnerships with relevant charities, companies and associations and giving them a platform to promote their work in the field
  • Facilitating discussions on pertinent topics including diversity & inclusion, gender balance, sustainability trends, the impact on the environment & more..
December 15 - 18, 2024
Marriott Marquis San Diego,
Live In-Person Event: December 15 - 18, 2024


Our mission is to give our colleagues, the markets we serve, and our wider communities access to extraordinary people and diverse insights that brings us together and celebrates authenticity. Through our live and data-driven digital services, we cultivate connections, provide meaningful content, and strive to remain a global leader. We celebrate unique perspectives and sharing all ideas within a safe and transparent environment. We believe in sustainability and continuous learning as it strengthens everything from our people, our products and our markets. We understand that to be more, we need to do more. Together, we will continue to listen, innovate, and act as a driver of change to build a business that reflects the communities we connect.

We strive to implement the best practices of Informa’s DE&I policy at all of our conferences and events in our speaker recruitment efforts, in the on-site attendee experience and by creating opportunities at our events to communicate and create conversations around issues involved in DE&I.

What’s Important to You regarding DE&I ?

We conducted an audience survey to find out what matters to our audience and how we can continue to build on our DE&I initiatives. Here are the results:

What’s Important to You regarding DE&I ?

  • For everyone to understand that DE&I is not only about gender. It can be about people with different viewpoints, personality types, ages, ethnicities, abilities and disabilities, religions, cultures and sexual orientations
  • Unconscious bias – what is it, and how to avoid it
  • Equity versus equality, e.g. no matter gender, race, disability all should have the same possibilities.
  • How to create an environment for people to free to be wholly themselves at work (inclusive of LBGT&Q, race, disability etc.)
  • How to foster networks for women in STEM?
  • How do you ensure equality without choosing people based on e.g. their gender.
  • The business and scientific benefits of DE&I
  • The journey to disability confidence in work in both companies and institutions.
  • Building a team and how to balance merit-based opportunity and inclusion
  • Shifting from Diversity & Inclusion to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Women empowerment via more women climbing up the ladder in corporate sector / Equal pay/ Gender equality etc.
  • Using the flexibility of work (remote & hybrid work options) to level the playfield
  • How managers play an essential role in shaping all employees’ work experiences
  • How do you ensure equality in the number of people being put forward for promotion
  • The importance of diverse role models in the workplace

Have more ideas and would like to contribute? Please contact Michael Keenan at


FasterForward is Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics US' approach to sustainability, moving faster to become a zero waste and net zero carbon business. 

A series of activities and commitments carried out between 2020-2025 will ensure our events become ever more sustainable, delivering a truly positive impact to the markets we serve. We will also actively help our partners, customers and wider markets to achieve the same.

Our FasterForward commitments include:

  • Enable one million disconnected people to access networks and knowledge by 2025
  • Become carbon neutral across our events by 2025
  • Halve the waste generated through our events by 2025
  • Embed sustainability inside 100% of our events by 2025

See the full list of commitments and find out more >>