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Immunis Inc.


Immunis is a private biotechnology company researching and developing immune secretome products to address age-driven immune deficits. The secretome is the total set of proteins, lipids, growth factors, chemokines, cytokines, exosomes and molecules secreted by a cell. A well-functioning immune system is necessary for our health and secretomes can refine immune cell responses, which makes secretomes a promising therapeutic for autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and age-related muscle-loss (sarcopenia). Secretome-based therapies also provide a natural, cell-free method of combating disease, thereby minimizing the risk of immune system rejection and avoiding tumorgenicity. 100% of humans develop sarcopenia with age, which significantly impairs mobility and compromises quality of life. Preventing muscle loss and improving muscle recovery are currently unfulfilled medical needs. Immunis’ investigational secretome therapeutic, IMMUNA, is a unique biomedical tool that can provide people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis an alternative to surgery to alleviate their pain. Also, secretomes can have multiple methods of administration including injection, topical application, or inhalation, providing versatile treatment options. Secretomes like IMMUNA provide incredible therapeutic advantages over traditional stem cell-based therapies and offer another treatment option in the field of biomedicine. Immunis Chairman, Dr. Hans Keirstead, is an internationally renowned stem cell expert who has led many investigations on regenerative medicine. Dr. Keirstead has the expertise to cultivate specific cell types in vitro and harness their powerful secretome for clinical applications. The experienced leadership and knowledgeable Advisory Board members of Immunis afford the advantage of developing all intellectual property including product design, development, manufacturing, quality assurance, quality control, and clinical operations.