Biotech Showcase
The investor conference for innovators
January 8–10, 2024 | San Francisco, CAJanuary 16–17, 2024 | Virtual

The investor conference for innovators
January 8–10, 2024 | San Francisco, CA,
January 16–17, 2024 | Virtual

Press Registration

Members of the press may qualify for a complimentary registration. If you meet the criteria, please apply for a press registration.

Don't miss Biotech Showcase™! Here's why:

  1. Hear insights from top investors and biopharma executives to identify the stories that will define biotech and life science in 2022.
  2. Learn how the biopharma industry can accelerate drug discovery and manufacturing to prepare for future pandemics.
  3. Gather updates in hot therapeutic areas including oncology, CNS, cell and gene therapy, and rare disease.


All applications are subject to the approval of the Biotech Showcase organizers. The Biotech Showcase organizers reserve the right to deny or withdraw the offer of complimentary access.

Only credentialed members of the press qualify for a complimentary registration. Please understand that we will need to charge you the registration fee should you not be able to present valid press credentials or other proof of your editorial work upon check-in.

Please fulfill the following requirements for acceptable press credentials to be considered for a press pass: 

Title Requirement

You must have an editorial title (titles accepted: editor-in-chief, senior editor, executive editor, associate editor, technology editor, managing editor, editor, staff writer, reporter, columnist, photographer).

Press Status

You must be able to prove that you are a journalist or editor with an internationally recognized press card or provide copies of your work in recognized publications, with your name appearing as writer or editor.

Affiliation Requirement

You must provide evidence that you are affiliated with a nationally or regionally recognized press outlet with a life science readership.

Online Publication

You must provide a link to your online publication with your name or title appearing in an editorial capacity in the registration form.

Print Publication

You must provide a link to your print publication's companion website in the registration form.

Freelance Writers

Please provide copies of two or three recent articles written by you and published within the last six months in an industry publication. You may send them by email or forward links to online articles to Yesenia Cortes at

Letter of Assignment

You must also provide—by email or fax to the contact listed below—a letter of assignment signed by the editor of the publication for which you will be covering the event. This is in addition to filling out the registration form.