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Spotlight on: Medable

Entrust your trial to the decentralized clinical trial platform with the most global experience

About medable

Medable’s mission is to get effective therapies to patients faster by furthering biological access to clinical trials. This is realized through a decentralized clinical trial platform that’s proven to shorten trial timelines, create operational efficiencies, and expand trial access to every body, everywhere. Founded by a physician, Medable’s award-winning* platform was designed by a combination of clinicians, patients, and tech experts to create a seamless experience for all trial stakeholders. Medable has impacted over 150+ decentralized trials conducted across 60+ countries with over 1 million patients accessing our platform.

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  • 1m Patients helped
  • 60+ Languages
  • 150+ Studies completed
  • 60+Countries

Downloadable content

  1. The Building Blocks of DCT [Download Whitepaper]
  2. PEAK Matrix Report [Download your free copy]

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