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23 - 25 April 2024
In person & on-demand recordingsOkura, Amsterdam

eflame 2023

Don't worry if you missed them! Our eFlame series is available to watch on-demand by clicking on the sessions below.
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European gas – What lies ahead?

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 | 10:00 AM Central European Time

  • How is Europe faring with the ongoing natural gas crisis?
  • What are the longer term knock on effects?
  • What are the key risks and opportunities going forward?
  • What are the implications for the energy transition?

Is Europe’s energy crisis already over?

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 | 2:00 PM Central European Time

  • Drivers of the sudden supply overhang in winter 2023
  • Is Russia’s gas weapon still loaded?
  • How sustainable are Europe’s demand destruction and LNG imports?
  • How can China influence the picture?
  • What does that mean for gas, coal, carbon and electricity prices?

Enabling and protecting new investments in gas infrastructure in Europe

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 | 4:00 PM Central European Time

  • RePowerEU and the need for new gas infrastructure to implements its goals
  • The programs in place to incentivize investments into new gas infrastructure
  • The tension between the need for new gas infrastructure and energy transition and ESG goals
  • The market and regulatory risks investments into new gas infrastructure face during their life cycles
  • Risk management tools to mitigate these risks

The building blocks of a new generation of LNG supply agreements for global LNG markets

Attend for free at 1pm CET for discussions on the development of long-term LNG supply agreements and creating more global standards in light of the ongoing fundamental changes in worldwide energy markets.

Topics covered:

  • The reason for the shift to standardized terms in LNG supply agreements: The competition for the same molecules and the abolition of barriers in Asia
  • Volume & flexibility terms
  • Delivery points/markets in which gas will be used and other terms
  • (Emerging) pricing terms
  • Tips for price revision terms
  • Terms of contracts (focusing on long-term contracts)
  • Dispute resolution

eflame 2022

Don't worry if you missed them! Our eFlame series is available to watch on-demand by clicking on the sessions below.
Watch and re-watch your favourite sessions.

POLICY: Eliminating dependence on Russian gas

Join Session 1 at 10am CET for discussions on the targets in the EU’s REPowerEU Communication

  • Arranging additional imports of 50 bcm of LNG and 10 bcm of pipeline gas in 2022
  • Boosting biomethane and renewable hydrogen production
  • Accelerating efficiency and heat pump installations
  • Rapidly increasing the deployment of wind and solar power

TRADERS: Security of supply – back on the agenda for traders?

  • How is the current war in Europe impacting gas and LNG markets?
  • Can Europe manage without Russia Gas?
  • Determine the effects on LNG trading in a market with less Russian volumes and rising prices

LNG update post winter 2021

The latest analysis on LNG after a difficult winter 

  • Where are we and what have we learned?
  • Prices, volatility and low carbon cargoes
  • Will we see greater flexibility of contracts?
  • What FIDs will take place?

eFlame 2021

Don't worry if you missed them! Our eFlame series is available to watch on-demand by clicking on the sessions below.
Watch and re-watch your favourite sessions.

Policy overview on gas, methane and hydrogen: Fit for 2050 and the gas sector

Date: 11 May 2021

Planning towards making the EU's energy industry sustainable and inclusive. The EC & companies' views on boosting the efficient use of gas & LNG to ensure a clean, circular economy & market for 2050 and beyond.

Watch the webcast and hear from the European Commission on its latest plans for the green deal & gas. Hear how energy companies are planning the next steps for policy, networks, gas, hydrogen & LNG.

Gas markets update on sector integration and system integration

Date: 11 May 2021

Next steps towards an integrated energy system for a climate neutral Europe. Given there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution for member states, this webinar will discuss developing economic, technological, environmental and social elements.

Get expert views on the decarbonisation of the energy system which requires an increasing level of integration between all components.

Hear the latest on:

  • How the market sees gas & electricity networks coupling and interacting
  • Discussing blending vs dedicated hydrogen pipelines – integrating alternative gases
  • The regulatory aspects
  • How are refineries planning on decarbonizing their grey hydrogen?

Owning your leadership, identity and power in the energy transition

Date: 11 May 2021

Get expert views from global women business leaders about succeeding in the LNG and energy world.

Join this webinar to hear cross cultural views and insightful lessons learned from influential female leaders navigating in an often male dominated environment. Look at how gender and personal cultural styles have been adapted or balanced when negotiating with counterparties from diverse cultures.

Decarbonisation to net zero: carbon markets and natural carbon removals

Date: 12 May 2021

Discover how carbon markets will evolve in response to the Paris agreement and corporate commitments to net-zero.

Climate science has made it clear that reducing carbon emissions alone will no longer be sufficient to reach the Paris Agreements’ climate targets. Join an ever-growing number of companies and local governments that have decided to take clima­te action one step further by committing to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier.

Watch the webinar for the latest on:

  • First-hand insight from the Task Force For Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets.
  • Compensation and neutra­lization of emissions is accomplished through supporting carbon reduction and removal projects.

Path to net zero – role of corporate PPA’s to achieve renewable goals?

Date: 12 May 2021

  • Structuring RES PPA agreements – what are the main challenges?
  • Corporate PPA, fundamental leverage to balance the market

Watch the webinar to get the latest on:

  • Key factors for success
  • Project case studies

2020 webinars included:


The future of clean and sustainable hydrogen in Europe

In this webcast Nienke Homan (Regional Minister for the Province of Groningen, The Netherlands)and Ad van Wij (TU Delft/ Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur) share their views and observations on the Commission's EU Energy System Integration Strategy.

What makes the Northern Netherlands conducive to the development of a green hydrogen economy? What is the vision beyond 2025? What are the challenges and barriers to scaling up hydrogen at the EU level and integrating hydrogen fully into the EU IEM? Finally, what will be the hydrogen economy's contribution to just, resilient, sustainable and inclusive green growth in Europe?

Will the Covid-19 pandemic lead to a structural change in LNG markets?

Dr Sarah Vakhshouri has extensive experience in global energy market studies, energy strategy, energy security and geopolitical risk. In this exclusive webcast, Dr Vakhshouri examines the long-term impact of the crisis on project financing and investment cycles. Will there be lasting changes to fuel demand?

Dr Vakhshouri also investigates how the largest exporters are expected to weather the crisis (Qatar, Russia, US, Australia), the possible effects of the current tensions between the US and China, and closes the session with a general outlook for the LNG industry.

Driving the energy transition by unlocking talent

Presented by the Flame conference in association with Women in Energy, Climate and Sustainability (WECS), Gokce Mete interviews Tatiana Mitrova, an expert on the energy transition currently serving as a Non-Executive Director for Russian gas company Novatek.

Tatiana reflects on her own experiences working in the energy industry, and how they have shaped her perspective on business change in the gas, LNG and energy sectors.

US LNG industy health check: Oversupply, project timelines and oil price impacts

This in-depth LNG industry health check webinar covers US LNG producers’ strategies, shut-ins and cancelled cargoes, the impacts of oil price volatility, and possible implications for US projects still in the pipeline.

The webinar is moderated by Paul Sullivan of Worley, who is joined by Texas LNG’s Vivek Chandra and ALNGE Pte Ltd's Principal Consultant, Luc Speeleveld.

How to operate in the current LNG market: COVID-19, contracts and pricing

The global energy market is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant collapse in demand. How will the gas and LNG industry respond to these challenges? What contractual flexibility are market participants seeking, what are buyers’ price aspirations, and when can the market expect to see demand start to recover? Who will be the winners and losers? 

In this on-demand webinar, the Chairman of the OIES Natural Gas Programme, David Ledesma, discussed these issues with Sophie Ducoloner, General Manager of LNG Origination for JERA Global Markets, and Peter Abdo, Senior Managing Director of LNG & Global Origination for Uniper Global Commodities.