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Disruptive Strategies for Innovative Organisations


Disruptive Strategies for Innovative Organisations

Evolve Your Strategic Innovation Capabilities

All about disruption: how to design effective strategies to build a company culture that is inclusive, innovative and rapidly transforms using technology to thrive in a VUCA world.

How disruption breeds innovation

'Disruptive Strategies for Innovative Organisations" looks at how to support teams and develop authentic leadership, develop business models using technology, lead successful customer journeys through design thinking and mapping, and have an open innovation culture promoting entrepreneurship and agile process improvement.

The event will focus on how to build innovation into the fabric of your corporate strategy as well as how to execute a digital strategy to support your innovation efforts. This fast-paced event will also highlight how emerging technologies are disrupting conventional business models.

A Programme for Leaders

Our agenda is all about disruption – how to design effective strategies to build a company culture that is inclusive, innovative and rapidly transforms using technology to thrive in a VUCA world. Key discussion topics include:

Collaboration for Open Innovation and Encouraging Disruptive Innovation

Empowering Women and Youth in Strategy & Innovation

Changing Company Culture for Creative Innovation

Promoting Intrapreneurship & a Positive Psychological Space at Work

Attaining Accurate Customer Insights through Design Thinking & Mapping

Adopting Emerging Technologies into the Company Ecosystem

Why attend Disruptive Strategies for Innovative Organisations?

Our interactive, immersive programming will challenge you to question the norm, guide your decision-making, and provides you with opportunities by discussing critical themes making news everywhere.


Develop your network and connect with the globe’s foremost executives, leaders and influencers from disruptive organisations setting a high benchmark for innovation. You never know when the right opportunity may present itself!


Discover progressive and insightful content to lead disruption in your organisation, all accessible from your office or your home.


Our 3-hour digital event will discuss the most critical topics and themes imperative for fostering innovation, providing great value for your time and money.

Audience profile

  • Global attendees (mainly MENA, Asia, Australia, Europe)
  • Strategy and Innovation professionals from all levels
  • Government and private sector companies
  • Head/Director/Manager of Innovation
  • Head/Director/Manager of Strategy
  • Head of Digital Transformation
  • Head/Manager of Business Strategy
  • Head /Manager of Data Analytics


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