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MENA Energy Forum
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MENA Energy Forum

Decarbonisation, Digitalisation and Decentralisation of Energy in the Region

Join us on the 27th & 28th of September 2022 to learn more about the actions taken by companies to attain the net-zero target before COP28 in this insightful online energy forum

The MENA region has the world’s largest oil and natural gas reserve. It contains about 57% of the world’s oil reserves and 41% of natural gas resources. However, with rapid urbanisation, economic growth, and the rising population; there is an increase in the demand for energy. The existing infrastructure is facing a lot of pressure and calls for new investments to meet the growing demands. As reported by APICORP, Energy investments in the MENA region will reach $879 billion in five years.

Given that the MENA region is a major global energy player, this MENA energy online forum aims at putting in place the necessary building blocks to further strengthen the region. The sustainable future virtual forum will also discuss the role of critical factors influencing the MENA energy landscape like the ambitious economic diversification plans, energy security, policies, move to achieving net-zero, the energy supply chain, investments, and the In-country value. Volatility of the global market will also be one of the major points of discussion in this energy security virtual forum.

Day 1 – Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Forum 1: Energy Transition for a Decarbonized Future

Government and senior business leaders, finance professionals, sustainability professionals, policymakers, and investors will join the forum to discuss and explore opportunities to achieve a sustainable energy transition pathway to tackle these challenges. 

Forum 2: Digitalization is the Future of Global Oil and Gas Sector

This energy forum brings together leading industry players, representatives from national oil companies, utility companies, and other end users; to talk about this complex ecosystem and how digitalisation can transform them into a highly connected, data-intensive, flexible, and efficient ecosystem.

Forum 3: The Road Ahead to Middle East Capacity Expansion

The MENA energy online forum brings together associations, policymakers, regulators, industry experts, organisations, and governments to discuss cautious steps towards middle east capacity expansion, the regulations around it, international agreements, and investments in future solutions.

Day 2 - Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Forum 1: Localization in the Oil and Gas Value Chain – Middle East Focus

To create value throughout the system and for the benefit of the nation, government authorities, and representatives from the public and private sectors have joined this energy transition virtual forum to discuss strategies to further drive the localisation agenda and create a new brand in Middle Eastern economies.

Forum 2: Diversifying the Energy Mix to Reach Global Climate Ambitions

The energy forum also brings together authorities and businesses to discuss and strategize on how to navigate the energy transition amidst geopolitical crisis, technologies and investment trends required to achieve this and ensure a smooth clean energy supply chain.

Forum 3: A Self-reliant Europe in the Energy Sector in the Wake of the Ukraine Crisis

The energy forum features government representatives, industry professionals, and policy advisors who engage in discussions about the development programmes aimed at using renewable energy, the need for shaping long-term energy policy, the budgetary support required, and building on the outlined REPowerEU concept and guidelines.

Why Attend?

  • The MENA energy online forum is a defining place for transformation in the energy landscape for the region
  • One of the most impactful meetings that will focus on new ideas and technologies to attain a decarbonised and sustainable future
  • The event brings together global leaders, energy experts, innovators and investors who talk about the need to diversify the energy mix in view of the global crisis
  • You will know about the status and impact of energy transition in the MENA region and the need for energy security
  • Representatives from government organisations, business leaders, scientific experts and policymakers discuss other aspects related to energy – geopolitical impact, manufacturing, operations, policies and regulations, and investments
  • Know about the actions taken by companies to attain the net-zero target before COP28