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June 14-16, 2022
Intercontinental Mark Hopkins HotelSan Francisco, California

Welcome to Next Generation CAR & T Cell Therapies Virtual

We look forward to welcoming you as a sponsor to this year's Next Generation CAR & T Cell Therapies Virtual event.

For this event we will be using the platform ConnectMe. Please watch our 2-minute virtual event demo video to learn about all of our virtual event platform features.  Should you have any further questions please be sure to contact Meleena Patel. We are planning on offering a platform training prior to the event for sponsors who are interested - Perri Lucatello will be in touch to arrange these and they will take place week commencing 7th June.

ConnectMe is an online virtual events platform that has networking at its heart. Not only can attendees view live presentation sessions, visit sponsor showcases as well as attend collaborative workshops and roundtables, they can also truly interact with other attendees at the virtual event itself. With the ability to video call and message users from directly within the platform, ConnectMe provides a simple yet powerful way to connect with other event delegates.

The Sponsor Kit below includes:

  1. Platform Demo Video (ConnectMe)
  2. Instructions for Uploading/Sending your Showcase Page assets (Virtual Hub)
  3. Registration Details
  4. Poster Details
  5. Networking Details
  6. FAQs

Company Showcase (Virtual Hub)

The Company Showcase page (Virtual Hub) allows you to connect directly with attendees, it's a place for you to display content such as videos, images, and documents. Each hub can hold up to 3 videos and 3 documents. The attendee can also connect with you and your team on the booth, through video chat and the messenger function. You can even host 1-1 meeting on your hub, simply arrange to meet your attendees at your hub in your Demo Room. 

The Showcase can also be branded, the backdrop can be customized with your logo and company colors, every part of the booth is designed to fit your company as it would at a physical event.

Assets you can upload into your booth:

  • Company Website URL
  • 100 word company description
  • Social Media Links
  • Company logo- JPG / PNG / EPS - Resolution 500x300
  • 3 Videos (max)- should be in an MP4 format, HD resolution 1920x1080 or 1280x720, landscape and max 5 minutes
  • 3 Documents (max) attendees can download- PDF files only
  • Showcase page background image (OPTIONAL)- Graphic images, not logos- only meant to increase branding on your page- landscape, RGB, 1920x1080 pixels JPEG or PNG
  • Demo times you will be doing something in your booth Demo Room and would like attendees to join you

DEADLINES: June 7th for Company Showcase Assets and Booth Registrations

Updating your Company Showcase (Virtual Hub) - INSTRUCTIONS

The video on the right will walk you through updating your Showcase page, and the button at the bottom will download a PDF with detailed instructions. If you still have questions, feel free to contact Meleena Patel.

1. Login - Your primary contact for this event will shortly be set up with a login for the event and will be able to edit your booth. If this is your first time you will need to update your profile before moving to step 2

2. Go to the Sponsors tab in the event and click on your Showcase page

3. Click "Edit Stand" in the top right corner of your page

4. Here you can make all the changes the showcase, click "Update Showcase Demo" and view your page again to see the changes

Pass Registrations


Please check your contract for the number of passes your company can register for the event. 

  • Main Conference passes - please send your pass details to  Meleena Patel. Required fields are: Full Name, Job Title, Company & Email Address.
  • Speakers will be registered automatically. If you have not already confirmed your speaker(s), please send the details to Sarah Lintern


Should you wish to purchase any additional passes, please contact Jessica Purnell who will share a booking link.

  • E:
  • P: +44 (0) 207 551 9521


Please submit all of your passes to Meleena Patel by June 7th. We can accept passes after this date, but they may not be imported into the platform in time to preview your Showcase. 


  • Should I have a staff member always in my Virtual Hub?

There is no need to have a staff member in your  booth (hub) at all times - please remember to advise they don't need to be permanently within the showcase page itself as they can be called from wherever they are in the platform but it is still advisable to have 1 person there to see attendees coming in and out of their hub and have the opportunity to connect with them quickly.

  • What format/spec should my documents/videos/images be?

The video should be .MP4, Documents for download should be. PDF, Max file size is 50MB and images should be JPEG. 

  • I can only have 3 videos and 3 documents on my page - can these be changed each day? 

Yes, since you are editing your own stand you can make changes as often as you would like to content, videos, downloads, and demo information. 

  • When is the deadline to update our Showcase Page?

Since you are updating your page yourself there is no hard deadline- we will only open the showcases to attendees when the event is live from 22nd June so as to maximise engagement on the live event days. 

  • When will my staff receive their logins to the event?  

Staff registrations added online will be sent their platform logins a week before the event

  • How do I, and other attendees, receive notifications for meetings, messages, sessions I added to my agenda?

If you are logged into the platform a box will pop up on the top right side of your screen a few minutes before reminding you about your meeting or session. When not logged in the user will get reminders sent to their registered email address. 



  • Reducing your screen brightness from 100% to 70% is hardly noticeable and can reduce energy consumption by 20%.
  • Reducing cooling by 1°C can reduce energy use by up to 8%.
  • Switch to energy saving mode on your computer or screen, or sit in areas with natural light.


Rise and shine each morning with some mindfulness meditation to start the day off right.

During the event, take regular breaks from your screen with time set aside for important wellness activities, such as: 

  • Hydration Breaks -- Did you know that a glass of water can increase focus by as much as 30%?
  • Healthy Snack Breaks -- Food is fuel! Keep your mind energized with a healthy snack.
  • Stretch & Movement Breaks -- Give your seat a break! Take a few minutes to stand, stretch, and move around.
  • Fresh Air Breaks -- Even a few minutes of fresh air and sunlight can boost productivity and concentration.