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BioProcess International Europe
Mark Your Calendar for BPI Europe 2024!
9-12 April 2024Messe Wien Congress Centre, Vienna

BPI Europe Speaker Update

As a speaker on the BPI Europe 2020 agenda, our Conference Director Catherine Simpson would like to share an update on next steps for the event moving to a 100% virtual format.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Catherine Simpson
Conference Director, BioProcess International

Barry Walsh
Conference Director, BioProcess International

Speaker Pre-Event Preparation

In light of ongoing developments with COVID-19, this year's BioProcess International Europe Conference & Exhibition, scheduled for 13-17 July 2020, will now be delivered as a 100% virtual event. As a speaker on this year's programme, our number one priority is to deliver you an outstanding virtual experience. 

Below are details on how to record your session.  If you have any questions about your speaking slot, please contact our Speaker Coordinator Catherine Chang


You can view your speaker profile on our website – please click here and type your name in the Search box 

We require the following information as soon as possible: 

  • Short biography (around 100-words and not CV) – if we have received this, you will be able to see this on our website using the link above. If this is missing, please send this to me. 

  • High resolution colour photo: digital format saved as a JPEG, PNG or GIF file, maximum file size: 500 kB. - if we have received this, you will be able to see this on our website using the link above. If this is missing, please send this to me. 


Please pre-record your PowerPoint presentation with video narration and ensure that you turn on your web cams to record both audio and video. Please click here for a video guide or please follow this link here for step-by-step instructions on how to record your slides with video narration. Please make sure to record your audio, slides & webcam. Please provide your recording in mp4 format.   Please can your presentation be recorded and send to our team by 30th June, 2020.

Once you are finished recording, please contact our Speaker Coordinator Catherine Chang for instructions on how to upload your recording.



  • Please click here to download our BPI Europe Title Slide, add this slide to the beginning of your presentation, and insert your Session Title, Name, Job Title and Company.
  • When you start your recording please be sure to introduce yourself before beginning your presentation.
  • If for any reason during your recording you need to stop & start again, please make a note of the time in the recording [e.g. 03:42] in a word document labelled with your unique Reference Number, and upload this along with your recording 

  • Please also include any other notes you deem important for the video editor to be aware of 

Here are some tips when recording your session: 



  • Lighting – We recommend sitting facing a light source, e.g. a window or table lamp, rather than having the light source behind or directly above.  
  • Background – Try to have a neutral background with nothing distracting behind you as this may detract your audience from your presentation. 
  • Camera level – Sit roughly an arm’s length away from the camera during your session with the camera at roughly eye level (try by propping your device on a shelf/ textbooks etc). This will make a big difference to the overall look, also when recording looking straight into the camera will help engage your audience. 



  • Computer- Switch off computer notification noises, e.g. Skype, email. Ideally close any unused applications whilst presenting.
  • Microphone- The computer in-built microphone is not usually the best quality, if possible, use an external plugin microphone/headset.
  • Background noise- Find a location that is quiet with limited background noise. If there is a lasting background noise in your environment, please mute your mic when you are not speaking. 


Presentation Guidelines 

  • Presentation length should be 20 minutes. No live Q&A will follow after any talk – All Q&A will be as part of a community chat. 

  • Presentations should be submitted in English. 

  • Presentations in PowerPoint format are preferred with a minimum font size of 24 so that text is easily legible; 16:9 format.  

  • Please do not upload sensitive files that may contain personal, medical or financial information about yourself or another individual.  If that's unavoidable, use a password to secure the file before uploading.  


All sessions will be shared with our registered delegates post-event; this includes any slides or presentation material.  If you would prefer NOT to share your material, please let me know in advance and we will ensure your session/material is removed from the platform. 



If you are leading a workshop with live discussion or involved in a live Q&A session, we will be in touch soon about how the live elements of your participation will work in the conference.  

If you have any questions about your speaking slot, please contact our Speaker Coordinator Catherine Chang