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May 21-23, 2024
Marriott Marquis San FranciscoSan Francisco, CA
May 21-23, 2024
Marriott Marquis San Francisco,
San Francisco, CA


Finovate's techfin event focused on the developer side of fintech

Happening May 13 as part of FinovateSpring. Register now for only $99.

What is FinDEVr?

FinDEVr is part of the Finovate conference series, offering full-day programs for developers focused exclusively on technology as a pillar of financial services.

In 15-minute TECHTalks, innovative companies will debut technologies, share use cases, and explore thought leadership pieces from the perspective of developers,  IT executives, software architects, designers, and other technologists. Following the TECHTalks, deep dive workshops allow you to engage with their products and solutions and the developers who created them.

It’s an unmissable event for fintechs, techs and financial institutions. Meet the people who are forging the future of finserv technology and accelerating the evolution of the rapidly growing fintech scene.

FinDEVr Format

You might attend FinDEVr to see a specific company or fill a particular product need or you just might be staying up to date on techfin. Whatever your reason, the format allows you to get to know the speakers and technologies in the morning presentations, then dive deeper with two technology teams of your choice through the afternoon workshops.

Morning Short-Form Presentations

This is where you get to know the speakers and their organizations' focus. You'll see new technologies and use case studies, plus learn from their unique knowledge and experience. These companies and their products have been tried and tested, and they've come out on top. 

If your interest is piqued by a certain company, product, or speaker, you have the chance to explore their technology further with their technology teams in the afternoon.

Afternoon Hands-On Workshops

See any speakers or products in the morning that you want to know more about? These 90-minute workshops give you the chance to engage with the speakers and their technologies. Double up because there's time to join two workshops during the afternoon.

Run in small groups, each workshop will take its own shape. Depending on the speaker, you'll learn to integrate their API or SDK, join a coding competition, learn best practices or through tutorials, and more. These sessions are designed for you to engage: ask questions, get feedback, share your thoughts, and grow your network. 

Details about workshops will be available on the FinDEVr agenda in April


Visit the agenda for detailed presentation and workshop timings. 

INSTNT TECHTalk: The Tango: Operationalizing Predictive Models, an Engineering and Data Science Collaboration

Engineering and data science typically follow very different workflows. Engineering works in structured sprints and releases. Data science follows more of an exploratory path. These two sides must come together in the deployment and maintenance of application models. Instnt uses a hybrid approach that facilitates close collaboration between the two teams that still allows each to adhere to their natural rhythm.

FINICITY TECHTalk: Connecting Siloed Financial Data: Open Banking’s Impact on the Financial Experience

The ongoing data revolution has a new front: financial services. Even with so much data created, financial services data is often siloed and lacks accessibility. The emergence of open banking is enabling a new relationship with financial data and new possibilities for innovation. This keynote will explore an open financial ecosystem, shifting control to consumers, what the impact is for technologists and developers, and how open banking is being leveraged to improve financial literacy and inclusion.

LOANPRO TECHTalk: Simplifying the Complex With an Innovative Tech Stack

How LoanPro gives control back to the lender, with full visibility, access to live data, and a single source of truth. The Importance of a modern & secure technology stack that is cloud based, uses a configuration first approach, and maintains security through it all. More importantly, how we have done all of this in a way that increases efficiency, automation, & simplifies the complex arena of lending so that lenders can take back control.

PRAXENT TECHTalk: Scalable Fintech Product Development

Rapid fintech product adoption is requiring product teams to ramp up like never before. In the race to release new products, product teams are often introducing large amounts of technical debt and not operating in the most efficient manner. This talk will discuss the problem in greater detail and provide a solution, CodePath, to identify and resolve challenges around productivity.

ECOLYTIQ TECHTalk: Data for Sustainability

I will show how ecolytiq’s Sustainability-as-a-ServiceⓇ works with financial institutions, individuals, and public organizations to boost sustainability using information in everyday context. Most important for sustainable living is availability of relevant information at the right time. We integrate facts for your own purpose, your next decision. By merging context information, we enable focusing on impact instead of datasets. We show how an open knowledge graph and streaming technology keep our data up to date.

INSTNT Workshop: Identity Verification: Rapid Feature Development and Analysis

In this workshop we step through the process of integrating with Instnt’s identity verification API and running some of your own data through our system. We will take a deep dive into the biometrics, device fingerprint, and social data collected on our cohort and see if there are any fraudsters among you. The tools and approach used will demonstrate the process we use for rapid feature validation and deployment in response to the ever-changing landscape of identity verification and fraud detection.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Integrate an onboarding service by cut-and-pasting code on your website.
  • A deep dive into biometrics, device fingerprint, and social data collected by online agents.
  • Rapid analysis of data to identify useful features for fraud models.

FINICITY Workshop: Leveraging the Power of Open Banking: A Hands-on Introduction to Finicity's Platform

Get started on your organization's API-enabled digital transformation with a preview into Finicity’s Open Banking platform. Test drive Finicity’s API, learn how to generate sample reports and data, and get a better understanding of what’s possible with high-quality financial data.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Set up an account and get an overview of Finicity’s solutions
  • Connect to the API to generate a sample report
  • Understand how the API’s are leveraged for different use cases across the financial services ecosystem

LOANPRO Workshop: Live loan integration in less than 90-minutes

Connect with & build your 1st loan within LoanPro via the API in our 90-minute workshop. This workshop will provide the basics for connecting with the LoanPro API to create a loan and retrieve data. This provides the foundation needed to build integrations for Loan Origination, websites, and other extensions of our application. Finally we will show the loan you created, directly in the LoanPro LMS UI/UX to show the seamless visibility provided.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to connect with the LoanPro API in a live workshop
  • How to create your 1st loan in LoanPro via the API
  • How to retrieve TILA disclosures, including APR & Amortization Schedule via API

PRAXENT Workshop: CodePath - Development Team Productivity Assessment

In the race to release new products, fintech product teams are introducing large amounts of technical debt and not operating in the most efficient manner. The CodePath assessment enables technology leaders to identify and resolve challenges around productivity.

For executives at fintech product companies and financial institutions who are leading product development teams, join other financial product leaders in this interactive session to discuss best practices and challenges with getting the highest development productivity.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify bottlenecks in the development process that are costing valuable time in development resources and product timelines.
  • Learn solutions to the most common process bottlenecks.
  • Learn how to continue benchmarking your team's practices on a go forward basis.

ECOLYTIQ Workshop: Let's find more Data for Sustainability!

Public data is everywhere, but how can we make use of it? Besides ethical and legal questions we must consider technological constraints. We will talk about different data assets, how these can be used and how we can integrate that data into our decision-making via data products. The workshop will be an interactive session. Attendees have a voice, and we want to work with you on our shared understanding of public data usage in FinTech.

What You'll Learn: 

  • What are data integration patterns suitable for a shared data economy?
  • How can open data help our society on our journey to a sustainable life?
  • What do other attendees think about data sharing?

Why attend FinDEVr?

FinDEVr's audience is unique. It represents the technology side of financial services innovation. Meet your peers, grow your connections, and learn from their experiences.

Attendees already registered include:

  • Access Softek | Product Director
  • Apiture | VP Product Management
  • Automated Systems | Director of Development
  • Bank of America | Design Director
  • Bank of Utah | SVP IT
  • Bay Federal Credit Union | VP & CTO
  • BMO | Product Owner, Innovation
  • Bradesco Bank | Head of Innovation Lab
  • California Bank of Commerce | SVP & Sr. Product Management
  • California Credit Union | SVP Chief Innovation Officer
  • Capital One | Director Product Management
  • Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union | VP Enterprise Architecture & Digital
  • Centra Credit Union | VP Digital Experience
  • CFCU Community Credit Union | Application Architect
  • Charles Schwab | Director User Experience
  • Citi | SVP Cards Product Management
  • Citigroup | Global Head of Open Innovation
  • City Bank | Director of Digital & Payments
  • Clayton Homes | Tech Delivery Manager
  • Community First Bank of Indiana | VP IT
  • Compeer Financial | Chief Enterprise Architect
  • Currencycloud | Head of NA Fintech
  • Desert Financial Credit Union | AVP Strategy and Program Management
  • Endava | FinTech Development
  • Evolve Bank &Trust | SVP Global Payments Strategy
  • Fairstone | SVP Chief Digital & Strategy Officer
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta | Director Innovation
  • Fidelity Institutional | Head of Tech & Platform Consulting
  • Fifth Third Bank | Product Manager
  • First Commerce Credit Union | Chief Experience Officer
  • Fitch Group | Head of Emerging Technology
  • Freedom First Credit Union | SVP IT
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc | VP Architecture
  • Guardian Life | Technology Strategist
  • Huntington National Bank | Innovation UX Strategist
  • IncredibleBank | VP IT
  • Indiana University | Computer Science Student
  • Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union | Chief Experience Officer
  • JP Morgan Chase | Head of Engineering & Architecture
  • Kootenay Savings Credit Union | Senior Manager Digital Transformation
  • Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services, Inc | VP Enterprise Innovation
  • Lloyds Banking Group | Head of Mobile App Smart Alerts & Subs
  • LSCU | Director Product Development
  • M&T Bank | SVP Director of Digital Banking
  • Manulife | Director Engineering
  • Manulife | VP Strategy and Innovation
  • MUFG | Head for Americas, Global Innovation
  • Mypoint Credit Union | Director of IS
  • NatWest Markets Securities | Director Digital FX Solutions
  • NBKC Bank | VP Product Strategy
  • New Ideas in Communications | Technologist
  • Payliance | Product Director
  • Piermont Bank | Head of Innovation
  • Principal Financial Group | Director Engineering
  • Provident Bank | SVP Digital Channels Director
  • PSCU | Sr. Innovation Strategist
  • RBC | Director Mobile Banking
  • Redwood Credit Union | VP Innovation & Development
  • Renasant Bank | Director of Core Systems
  • SelectQuote Insurance Services | Director of IT
  • Sound Credit Union | VP Digital Experience & Innovation
  • Sterling National Bank | SMD, Head of Enterprise Product Management
  • Synovus | Head of Innovation
  • Tatra Banka | Head of Retail Product Division
  • TCF Bank | VP Product Development
  • TowneBank | SVP Sr. Digital Strategist
  • TwinStar Credit Union | Director of Digital Banking
  • UBS Wealth Management Americas | Head, Digital Factory
  • Veridian Credit Union | VP IT
  • Visions Federal Credit Union | Applications Development Manager
  • Vizo Financial | Product Strategy & Development Director
  • Vizo Financial | Solution Architect
  • Wells Fargo | SVP Technology Banking

Past FinDEVr Focuses

  • KYC: The Silent Customer Killer – Solved! Video
  • Tapping Hackers to Improve Security. Video
  • Coding Real-Time Trading in Less Than 15 Minutes. Video
  • Build A Data Warehouse With Open Source Tools. Video
  • Cloud Processing Technology: User Cases & Applications.
  • Using Runtime Visibility to Align Application Security. Video
  • Perfect Bank Authentication. Video
  • Visual Analytics Are Remaking Financial Services. Video
  • Create A Custom Credit Risk Model. Video
May 21-23, 2024
Marriott Marquis San Francisco,
San Francisco, CA

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