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Don't let business as usual hold you back. See technologies to grow your organization this November.

APIs for banks to retain and grow their SMB base. A wellbeing index to give financial advisors a 360° view of clients. Digital transformation to meet customer demands. Secure recurring and subscription payments with biometrics. Platforms to guide consumers and businesses through the murkiness of data breaches. And many more.


Arnexa's secure messaging platform reduces phishing attacks for financial companies and governments.

Breach Clarity

Breach Clarity's set of digital tools target data breach-related identity theft and fraud for financial service providers and their customers.


Finzly's digital banking solution improves banking services for any bank using novel UI's and a services-based architecture.

Glance Networks

Glance uses visual collaboration technology that lets financial service agents and advisors see the screen of digitally connected customers, guide their navigation, and offer expert consultation.


Glia's system of engagement uses a combination of technology and the human touch to solve complex online inquiries for large enterprises.


Horizn's SaaS platform accelerates digital adoption and improves the customer experience of banks and other financial institutions using a combination of micro-learning, proprietary simulator methodology, gamification, and in-depth analytics.

Illuma Labs

Illuma Labs' voice authentication and fraud prevention platform counters the growing problem of account takeovers and fraud within finance service call centers.


Instnt's value added, insured service for customer on-boarding increases top line revenue for retail financial institutions and e-commerce companies using one line of Instnt's code on websites and apps.

Investing You

Investing You helps financial advisors employ positive psychology while connecting their clients' money to their lives.


InvestorKeep's application uses a combination of proprietary algorithms and data integration to solve revenue and retention challenges for banks and financial instituions.

Loyalty and Media Group

Loyalty and Media Group's universal loyalty platform utilizes a turn-key customizable cloud solution to combat the pain of constructing loyalty programs for banks and their corporate and retail customers.


Momentifi's Mobile Productivity App integrates with existing technology to promote user adoption of CRM for banks, mortgage companies, and financial institutions.

Ninth Wave

Ninth Wave's platform solves the data connectivity challenges for financial institutions using an out-of-the-box solution for securely sharing consumer-permissioned data with external apps and software applications.


Productfy's FinTech-in-a-Box reduces the time, complexity, and cost of building a financial product for any technology-enable company, FinTech, or financial institution.


Q2's dynamic personalization model shares highly relevant content within the limited screen space of a mobile device in order to drive account holder engagement and adoption while putting the power of machine intelligence in the hands of the financial institution with a no-code tool to shape the end user experience.

Revation Systems

Revation Systems' LinkLive Banking lets financial institutions of all sizes securely and seamlessly communicate across digital and physical channels.


Strands' new AI-based banking platform, Engager, helps retail and small business banks engage customers and manage money digitally.


Upswot's API-enabled on-prem platform is designed to power SMB-focused sales efficiency of both online and offline channels with continuous monitoring of 92 alternative data sources.


VRAY's distributed EMVCo-token based payment platform reduces fraud and improves consumer ease-of-use for e-commerce providers using VRAY's patent pending universal token-connect technology.


Vymo's intelligence assistant enhances CRM adoption and sales productivity metrics for distributed field sales teams using a mobile-first design and contextual intelligence.


WealthConductor's IncomeConductor confronts the retirement income crisis facing the "mass affluent" baby boomers using an academically-proven income strategy and tech platform.