Zephyr Financial Solutions

A Look into Zephyr from A to Z!

A to Zephyr Ep. 1 - Behind the award-winning Zephyr investment management platform

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In this inaugural episode of the A to Zephyr podcast, team members Ryan Nauman, Chris Volpe, and Randy Jones share insights and experiences that led them to collectively contribute to Zephyr, a comprehensive platform for financial advisors, wealth managers, financial analysts, and asset managers. The team delves into the constantly evolving state of the market and the innate need for strong wealth management software solutions such as online portfolio analysis and financial market research. The discussion encompasses rising trends between AI in wealth management and the benefits of asset allocation.

Throughout the episode, the key discussions include:

  • The diverse paths and defining moments that sculpted the financial perspectives of Chris, Randy, and Ryan
  • The evolution of Zephyr and the technology contributions behind it 
  • The amalgamation of front-line teams, VOC meetings, and a state-of-the-art feedback mechanism such as asset allocation, portfolio performance, and the importance of a comprehensive portfolio analysis tool within the product.
  • Diving into the automation of investment management processes for enhanced user experiences through AI in wealth management.
  • A teaser of what’s to come for this podcast!