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Zephyr's Market Strategist Ryan Nauman provides insights and trends on what is making news in the investment industry

Everything You Need to Know About Small-Caps With Kayne Anderson Rudnick's Jon Christensen, CFA.

In this fascinating and engaging episode of Zephyr's Adjusted for Risk podcast, Kayne Anderson Rudnick's PSN Top Gun award winning portfolio manager, Jon Christensen, CFA joins Ryan to discuss everything related to investing in small-caps. Jon goes in-depth about his investment strategy and what he looks for when searching for his next investment. Jon also gives his thoughts on what is currently holding small-caps back and what type of macro environment small-cap investors should hope for moving forward. Lastly, Jon talks about his amazing baseball card collection.  

To learn more about Zephyr's PSN Top Guns: https://informaconnect.com/zephyr/psn...

To Learn more about Kayne Anderson Rudnick: https://kayne.com/

BlueRock CEO Jeff Schwaber Discusses the Importance of Alternatives

During this episode of Zephyr's Adjusted for Risk Podcast, BlueRock Capital Market CEO Jeff Schwaber joins Ryan to discuss the impact and importance of adding alternatives to investment portfolios and asset allocations. Jeff also digs deep on what retail investors can learn from big pensions and endowments, while dropping a wealth of insight on the real estate market and private credit.

Dr. Christopher Geczy Zeros in on Asset Allocation, FOMO, and the 60/40 Investment Portfolio

In this very insightful and engaging episode of Zephyr's Adjusted for Risk podcast, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania faculty member and Forefront Analytics' CEO Dr. Christopher Geczy joins the show.  Dr. Geczy drops an abundance of knowledge on the topic of asset allocation and if it is time to re-think how financial professionals view asset allocation strategies, considerations when creating an optimized investment portfolio, how FOMO is impacting investment decisions, and opens up about the 60/40 portfolio. Dr. Geczy also discusses how they use investment management software at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. You don't want to miss his story about how Stan Druckenmiller implements his investment strategy. 

Zephyr announces the 2022 PSN Top Gun Managers of the Decade

This is a big week for Separately Managed Account managers as Zephyr announced the Q4 2022 PSN Top Guns Managers of the Decade this week.  It was obviously quite the decade for financial markets and one that will go down in the history books.  It was a decade driven by political events, a pandemic and historical monetary policies.

All Things Equity Hedging With Swan Global's Rob Swan

In this episode of Zephyr's Adjusted for Risk podcast Ryan is joined by Swan Global's Rob Swan. During this very entertaining and informative discussion about equity hedging investment strategies we look at how financial advisors should go about incorporating hedging in their asset allocations, we answer the question why equity hedging would be considered when creating a diversified investment portfolio,  and discuss the important question of cost and risk management

Ryan welcomes Revisor Wealth Management Partners' Landon Jones and Ethan Dunbar

Revisor Wealth Management Partners' Landon Jones, MBA, CFP and Ethan Dunbar, CFA join the show in a very engaging and entertaining conversation that you don't want to miss! In this episode we discuss the benefits of outsourcing investment management, all things direct indexing including how is direct indexing different than Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), and why one should consider direct indexing in an investment portfolio. And there might be a quick discussion about eggs and some tennis stories.

AdvizorStack's Paul and Nico DeMaio join the show in a very fun and energetic conversation

AdvizorStack's Paul and Nico DeMaio join the show to discuss the evolution of financial services, how a comprehensive wealth management software application can help solve issues financial advisors face today, and preparing for generational asset transfers & succession planning. We also get an inside glimpse of what it's like to follow in your successful father's footsteps as well as working with your son.

Zephyr StatFacts: Downside Deviation

In this Zephyr StatFact version of the Adjusted for Risk podcast, Ryan looks at downside deviation, and why he thinks financial professionals should use this downside risk statistic when trying to locate managers who exhibit good capital preservations skills and include this statistic in their lineup of portfolio analytics.