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Zephyr's investment and wealth management software is designed to build wealth and create investor relationship experiences for UHNWI and HNWI. 

Ultra high net worth wealth management is strategic, not transactional. These clients typically have as many as five different advisors focused on bringing value across multiple interests.

Zephyr offers leading research and analysis within a single platform, asset allocation technology, proposal generation, portfolio proposal and more. More importantly, its award-winning custom presentation software demonstrates the value wealth managers provide.

What two aspects of financial technology will play the greatest role over the next two years?

Zephyr commissioned a survey with WealthManagement.com to identify how technology is being implemented. Respondents were asked to choose the top two items expected to play the biggest role in investment technology over the next two years. 

Customization to Enhance the Client Experience (51%)
Personalization of the Client Experience at Scale (40%)

By far, investor engagement is the most important focus of firm managers.

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