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Separately Managed Account Marketing

Portfolio Proposal Technology to Showcase Successful Strategies

SMA Separately Managed Accounts

Separately Managed Account Interest Continues to Grow

Asset managers who oversee managed accounts have important data and insights to share about their products. Demonstrating why their strategies are unique and worthy of consideration is vital to growing AUM. Zephyr's technology provides clarity for advisors and wealth managers to see valuable distinctions using Portfolio Proposal.

Zephyr's custom presentation center allows for easy report creation that includes logos, hex color customization and compliance statement inclusion. Professionally designed fact sheets can be stored online or shared via restrictive entitlement settings or converted to a pdf, downloaded and shared on a website, in social media or via email.

Personalized Investing is on the Rise

In 2022, Zephyr's PSN surveyed investment professionals about their use of managed accounts. In every firm type, investing in separately managed accounts was expected to grow. Showcasing value requires consistency and access to potential investors. Zephyr is customizable, easy to understand and can be created in minutes.

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Look Inside Zephyr's Powerful Capabilities

  • PSN SMA Data
  • Proposal Generation
  • Manager Research, Screening and ESG Analysis
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Portfolio DNA
  • Portfolio Performance Reporting
  • Custom Branded Client Reports
  • Full integration Capabilities