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Manager Screening, Research and Analysis

Track and Compare Multiple Investment Products

Investment Manager Screening

Increase Productivity with Research and Screening

Zephyr provides a powerful screening component to research thousands of investment portfolio products. Powerful sorting, filtering and statistical tools make it easier to identify the right strategies and products to match your clients' financial goals. Compare multiple investment products to benchmarks and peers using 200+ key statistics, hundreds of qualitative fields and ESG criteria.

Valuable Research and Ratings

Zephyr commissioned a survey with WealthManagement.com to identify how technology is being integrated into investment firms. ESG ratings and reviews continue to be part of the conversation and it is the reason Zephyr partnered with OWL Analytics in 2021 to provide objective data.

Data and research for creating model portfolios, generate proposals and compare Separately Managed Account (SMA) strategies was also cited as an area of growth.

Investment Manager Research