Zephyr Financial Solutions

Full Integration Capabilities

Seamless Integration with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and other CRMs via AppCrown

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Integration

Empowering staff with digital technology to fully realize investor goals and quickly respond to questions builds confidence and encourages innovative thinking that investors have come to expect.

Zephyr technology integrates with CRMs such as Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and is integrated with all trust, custodial and accounting systems. 

Integrate for Efficiences

Zephyr’s cloud-based solution accelerates the speed-to-customer response, provides portability and access on demand to investor portfolios anywhere in the world. Zephyr makes it possible to bring in data from all trust, accounting and custodial systems via integration. 

Digital integration is a key component to digital transformation, allowing disparate technologies to now communicate via the seamless transfer of data. What once required hours of manual data input to achieve a more complete view of client information is reduced to minutes with technology integration. More importantly, cost efficiency mandates can be easily achieved without undermining the quality of service.

Digital Transformation in Financial Services