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Portfolio Performance

Power your Performance Measurement Capabilities

evaluating portfolio performance

Customize Reports, Benchmarks

Customize Reports

  • Reports customized to the way you work with your client - from quick, easy to read - to complex and detailed reports.


  • Zephyr’s Portfolio Performance provides over 1000 market indices from most major providers including S&P, Russell, Ice, Bloomberg, Lipper, HFRI and others.

Blended Benchmark Calculations

  • Calculate weighted blends based upon actual allocation that change dynamically with the most recent allocation.
  • Benchmark comparison can be done at the Total Portfolio level, the Asset Class level, or any customized classification level (e.g., style, sector etc.)

Accelerate your ground game with innovative technology

Zephyr integrates with all trust, accounting and custodial systems and can accommodate single sign-on use.

  • Integration with Zephyr Portfolio Analytics gives you a significant edge on evaluating portfolios, demonstrating your unique value and growing your business
  • Fully Customized Access Control Entitlements based on your firm’s needs. Customize access for each user to allow or restrict benchmark modification, account access and composite creation.
  • Reporting on Demand
  • Timely and accurate information when you need it. Clients deserve information quicklyin presentation and report form
portfolio performance