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A to Zephyr Ep. 5 - Why you should embrace separately managed accounts

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What’s the big deal about Separately Managed Accounts in everyday investing?

Discover the profound power of Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) in the newest episode of “A to Zephyr”. Host Ryan Nauman, alongside Randy Jones and Nick Williams, dives into the significant role of SMAs in today’s financial landscape. Perfect for wealth managers, financial advisors, asset managers, and RIAs, this episode highlights the trend towards personalized investment strategies and how Zephyr’s state-of-the-art technology and the extensive PSN database are pivotal in this shift.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Revolutionizing Client Experience: Uncover how SMAs are revolutionizing client relationships in wealth management, reflecting a significant surge in their usage.
  • The Power of the PSN Database: Explore the vast capabilities of the PSN database in driving informed SMA selection and performance assessments.
  • Integrating SMAs with Zephyr: Discover how Zephyr’s innovative tools seamlessly blend SMAs into diverse investment portfolios.
  • Data Integrity and Customization: Learn about Zephyr’s unwavering commitment to data accuracy and custom investment solutions.
  • Educating Clients on SMA Benefits: Dive into the importance of informing clients about the unique benefits of SMAs, tailored to individual investment profiles.
  • Future Wealth Management Trends: Discuss the increasing relevance of SMAs across a broader spectrum of asset classes and their future trajectory in investments.
  • Engaging with Zephyr’s SMA Knowledge: Gain insights on how Zephyr elevates wealth management strategies through advanced SMA solutions.
  • And much more!