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When a global investment management firm wanted to transform how they communicated with financial advisors and institutional investors about their strategies driving better investment performance, they looked to Zephyr’s innovative financial technology for a solution.

With over $285 billion in assets and services that include investment banking, asset management, capital market and insurance services, the company wanted to empower their sales and fund distribution teams with compliance approved reports and fact sheets that could be produced on demand.

Zephyr is allowing asset managers to transform how they communicate their strategies using customized, on demand template technology via Zephyr’s investment management technology. 

Customized and Compliance Approved

Zephyr’s web-based investment management software provided the comprehensive tools necessary to accomplish this. Prior to looking at Zephyr, the firm created reports and fact sheets on a quarterly basis, then disseminated them to team members. The ability to generate reports utilizing Zephyr offered a significant competitive advantage by providing updated, on demand materials on a month-end basis.

This is how Zephyr resolved this firm’s needs:

Power Users/Administrators: Using Zephyr, these users can run model portfolios, create uniquely branded, compliance-approved templates, reports and fact sheets. Once created, they are moved to a dedicated Report Library for their distributions teams to utilize.

Internal/External Wholesalers:  Team members have restricted access to the firm’s Report Library, with entitlements established by the Administrators. Using Zephyr’s Presentation Center, colleagues have the ability to populate strategies, date ranges, and universes.   Once the report has been generated, users can save, then send, maximizing their distribution efforts.




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How Asset Managers are Using Zephyr

  • Create workbooks with dashboard capabilities to seamlessly view strategy and competitor performance with 170 MPT statistics at their fingertips.
  • Screen the competitive landscape by using quantitative and qualitative metrics.
  • Research strategies respective to universes, style and more
  • Design templates that narrates your firm’s story
  • Establish brand guidelines to include color theme, font, logo, investment professional biographies, firm history, disclosures and more
  • Available data includes mutual funds, ETF’s and PSN SMA Data, the oldest and one of the industry’s largest SMA databases*