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Amber's automated investment app provides financial data aggregation, automated order execution, and cold storage as a service to solve the uncertainty and complexity in exposure to Bitcoin.


Azakaw is using their regtech platform to solve the problems financial institutions and fintechs across the globe face in compliance, artificial intelligence and automation.


Bambu is using their artificial intelligence robo-advisor to simplify financial tools for amateur investors.


circlys is a mobile app solving the problem of finding tested roscas for individuals looking to be part of social lending while facilitating the rosca process.


DAPI is using their API to help fintech companies share account data aggregation and payment.


Take control with EFI4 Analytics, your one-stop tool to manage all customer data effectively and transform it into real-time recommendations.


FCase's unified fraud investigative tool reduces fraud, false positives, customer friction, and case investigation times and increase operational efficiency for banking, financial institutions and insurance.


FinFirst’s end-to-end financial services aggregator facilitates and automates funding access to severely underbanked SMEs and consumers via onboarding, credit assessment, credit scoring and fulfillment.


Flybits' easy-to-use digital experience platform solves the challenges of developing and implementing AI and machine learning capabilities for marketers, customer experience leaders and creative teams in financial services.


Forus' crowdlending platform provides investors with diversified alternative options for investment and empowers businesses with an opportunity to grow and scale.


Hakbah is using their cooperative savings platform to digitalize traditional savings habits and embed them into the financial system to increase financial inclusion.


Intain focuses on automated classification and data extraction from scanned documents for Business Operations that rely on manual data entry to automate processes, like invoices, forms, etc.


JuicyScore is using a large set of authentication techniques and a wide set of predictors -- all available via open API without the usage of personal data -- to simplify KYC, fight fraud, enrich risk assessment engines, and drastically improve data security for financial institutions.

Neo Technologies

Neo Technologies is using their digital robo advisory white-label solution to solve the lack of affordable investment services for banks and asset managers who aspire to develop a business line offering investment services for their retail customers while attracting a new customer base.


Okanii is solving the problems that banks, merchants, customers, processors, telcos and exhanges face in the payments and value transfer industries through their quantum tokenization platform to securely transfer all the world’s assets instantly at no cost.


PointCheckout is a loyalty payment platform for online and in-store merchants with deep analytics on user behavior solving reward point liability, redemption options, and scaling merchant partners.

Scientia Consulting

Scientia Consulting is using their research and subscription based cloud platform to tackle the lack of analysis, comparison and benchmarking of digital banking offerings worldwide for business managers, directors, as well as C-level bank officials that need a snapshot of their market position.


Uqudo solves onboarding and customer management for financial services organizations.


Veripark has created a customer insights solution using AI & ML to address customer churn due to lack of servicing and support for both retail and corporate segments.


The WAAY is targeting decreasing conversion rates in x-sell companies and squeezed margins caused by increasing competition using their lifestyle banking platform that profiles end customers and provides them with personalized, non-banking content.