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Series of virtual events
CST/UTC-6 Time Zone

Series of virtual events|CST/UTC-6 Time Zone

Focused Connected and insights.

Quickly connect with like-minded professionals online to advance your business goals and grow your network.

Bite-sized themed events and quick impactful networking.

Two unique elements

FinovateFocus is a series of highly-efficient online events providing connections and insights throughout the entire year. Attend one, attend all, or attend just those in the series with topics that interest you.  

FinovateFocus Connect

A one-hour targeted, high-impact event series focused around quickfire 3-minute meetings. Targeted meetings are powered by AI matchmaking, and interspersed with insightful presentations.

FinovateFocus Roundtable

Gain peer-to-peer insights by participating in two back-to-back 30-minute roundtable discussions. All roundtables are themed by topic and led by a host.  

Collaborate with peers and take part in exclusive conversations to help you benchmark and gain insights.  

Why are Finovate digital events worth your time?

To give connections and insight all year round in addition to our physical events, FinovateFocus events are designed to be inclusive, compact, and pack a big punch. Online events will focus on a specific subsection of fintech, such as Payments, Data Technology, Fraud and Security, and Back-End Technologies.

Attend from anywhere

You no longer have to wait for a physical event or plan travel.  

FinovateFocus digital events are an opportunity to conveniently participate and increase your connectivity and year-round learning from your home or office.

Meet like-minded decision-makers and influencers

Focus is the key to Finovate’s digital products. The attendees you meet will share your interest in the specific area covered. And your conversations with them will be relevant and engaging. 

Expand your circle of influence by participating in FinovateFocus digital events.  

Keep your finger on the pulse of the market

Tap into expert insight year-round and ensure you are up to date on the latest market developments.  

Topics will include UX, Data, Security, Customers Engagement, SMB, Payments, Lending, Digital Banking and more.

Use your time efficiently

FinovateFocus digital events are designed with efficiency in mind. Fit them into a workday or between meetings.

Similar to Finovate’s signature 7-minute demo format, these unique formats aim to be impactful and valuable in the least amount of time.  

What topics will FinovateFocus cover?

There are no shortage of interesting aspects of fintech to dive into, and we’ve got a lot of ideas already to engage with. Here are a few topics that we expect to see in dedicated FinovateFocus events:

Don’t see the topic you’re looking for? Contact us to let us know what you’d like to see!

Fraud and Security

As more financial business has moved to digital channels, preventing fraud and maintaining strict security are more important than ever. We will approach the topic from all sides, including KYC, web and mobile security, data breach prevention, breach-response, and more with an eye on mitigating your customers’ risk, and minimize your organizational risk as well.

Digital Transformation

Updating and upgrading technology stacks is no small feat in the world of finance, but the need for banks to future-proof their digital offerings is very real. We will talk through the technologies and best-practices for FIs of all shapes and sizes to help tackle this problem and find a clear path forward in an increasingly digital environment.

Back-End and Core Technologies

Core technologies are vital not only for day-to-day banking operations, but also for the ability to adopt and implement new technologies. Join us to learn more about what core-service-providers are doing to update their technologies, and make a plan for future-proofing your own organization by engaging the right back-end technologies.

Inclusion and Democratization

Customer-acquisition is vital for the long-term health of any FI, but there are millions of people all over the world that aren’t able to engage with even the most basic financial tools. This lost opportunity hurts the individuals who are left out, and it also hurts the financial institutions who aren’t able to bring new customers in the door. Learn more about technologies that can help address these fundamental problems.

Technologies to Grow Your Pipeline

Maximizing sales, marketing, and business development is an ever-present concern for any type of organization, but the pressure is particularly acute in financial services. Fintech solutions can help all sides of the process, delivering results that can make a big impact on the bottom line.


Consumer and small-business lending is the backbone of any economy, and it’s a vital source of revenue for banks and credit unions of all sizes. It’s a difficult balancing act, though, as banks need to weigh new opportunities for revenue against minimizing their exposure to risk. Walking that tightrope is difficult, but fintech is here to help.

Series of virtual events
CST/UTC-6 Time Zone

Be Seen. Be Heard.

Gain new leads. Be a thought leader. Elevate your brand.

FinovateFocus digital events provide the platform to connect with senior financial decision-makers. Tell us your business goals and we’ll help you achieve them. Gain targeted leads, host a discussion as an expert speaker at the home of fintech innovation and choose branding opportunities to put your company at the front of your buyer’s mind. Digital opportunities are limited. Reach out now!

Series of virtual events
CST/UTC-6 Time Zone


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