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Series of virtual events
CST/UTC-6 Time Zone

Series of virtual events
CST/UTC-6 Time Zone

FinovateFocus Roundtable - Digital UX

February 25, 2021 | 10:15-11:45 am Central Time

Engage customers digitally to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

February Roundtable Topic - Digital UX

Each month FinovateFocus will tackle a mega-trend within the fintech ecosystem.

Earning customer trust in the digital age

Customer trust matters now more than ever. According to an independent study, only 43% of customers believe that the bank truly cares about their long-term financial plans. Discuss how to rebuild and maintain customer trust to generate opportunities for revenue growth and decrease risk of customers disengaging.

Future of payments –are we turning into a cashless society?

Discuss how new payment technologies shift consumer and merchant expectations. Explore how demand for integrated and embedded payments is shaping the future of payments and catering to customer needs. What impact will rapid digitalization of payments driven by COVID-19 have on the competitive landscape? Will consumer choice narrow to a few brands? Will wallets start to take share from contactless cards?

Effective customer acquisition, engagement, and retention – the Experience Age

Banks must integrate user-centricity into their mindset and culture to achieve an agile, truly customer-centric enterprise transformation while keeping customers’ real demands and problems in mind. Explore how technology and digital channels can best be harnessed to deliver a CX that truly works now.

Boosting CX in banking with AI – conversation banking: exploring back-end technologies

Banking should be as easy as conversation. Voice technology is leading the way in improving UX and augmenting human customer service agents to be better at their jobs while identifying customer behavioral patterns. Explore the power of conversational AI, transfers & FAQ via virtual financial assistants, voice-search increase and voice powered identity verification.

Authentication, biometrics, and digital identity in digitized society

Mining the power of new technologies and security processes for effective authentication and customer data protection. Onboard and manage customer data in a simpler and safer way. Protect your customers, processes and employees while assessing vulnerabilities and evaluating changing and newly emerging risks.

Chatbots, AI, automation as a platform for revolutionizing the CX

Enhancing your understanding of your customer and the technologies that can help collect and analyze the data you have. Automating technology to speed up the process and enhance CX. Marrying AI, ML and NLP to achieve smooth integration of automation and human processes. Exploring the customer-facing, front-end technologies.

Personalization and customization with data in the banking and payments industry

Creating consistent, personalized treatment to acquire new customers and build brand loyalty. An increasing percentage of customers expect specialized treatment and rewards for loyalty and past interactions and sharing their preference and personal information. Discuss available technology, such as behavioral analytics tools, AI & machine learning, to deliver carefully curated solutions while maintaining scale. Overcome the hurdle of siloed structure cloud-based data decisioning platforms.

Insights into how to support financial futures for customers in a post-COVID-19 world

How do we help customers recover from the pandemic's impact on their finances? What can financial institutions do to modify existing internal processes to account for the dramatic impact of the pandemic on people's lives? Beyond dollars and cents, how do we modify our communication strategies - whether it is inbound or outbound? How can companies be empathetic?

Customer Service NOW

How to turn the growth in digital banking usage driven by COVID-19 into long-term digital customers. Digital customer service. Digital account opening. Digital loan applications.

Video banking as a preferred means of customer communication

Enhancing and re-evaluating the customer journey beyond the pandemic.  

Fostering more personal communication between the bank and the customer. Increasing customer loyalty while connecting the right person and the right solution seamlessly. 

What do customers want – Meeting customer needs

Prioritizing digital enhancements to deliver a better online experience.  

Focusing on utilizing existing tech/features to educate staff and customers.  

Ensuring consistent touch with all clients and ways to service clients who don’t want to or can’t come to the branch - live chat, video chat, etc. 

Investing in solutions that enhance the customer experience and create efficiencies through digitization.  

APIs and Open Banking – Putting the customer in the driver’s seat

The strategic importance of open banking and how we are in the midst of building the future. Explore the difference between open banking and banking as a service. Why you need to think about them differently and how to view the value proposition of banking as a service. Why partnerships and collaboration are critical to open architectures. And why banks need an ecosystem to succeed.

Series of virtual events
CST/UTC-6 Time Zone

Be Seen. Be Heard.

Gain new leads. Be a thought leader. Elevate your brand.

FinovateFocus Roundtable provides the platform to connect with 1,000+ senior financial decision-makers annually. Tell us your business goals and we’ll help you achieve them. Lead a discussion as an expert speaker at the home of fintech innovation and choose branding opportunities to put your company at the front of your buyer’s mind. Digital opportunities are limited. Reach out now!

Join all of the FinovateFocus monthly events

Each month Finovate is zeroing in on one mega trend in fintech and running two digital events – FinovateFocus Connect and FinovateFocus Roundtable. Both events occur on the last Thursday of every month. Connect from 9am-11:45 am Central Time.  

FinovateFocus Connect

FinovateFocus Connect is a one hour event delivering ten 3-minute meetings and nine 3-minute presentations.   

9am-10 am Central Time.  

FinovateFocus Roundtable

FinovateFocus Roundtable is a 1.5 hour event delivering two 30-minute peer-to-peer roundtable discussions with pre and post networking.  

10:15-11:45 am Central Time.