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November 12-15, 2024
Pennsylvania Convention CenterPhiladelphia, PA


Greenbuild is committed to serving as a year-round source of information, education and trends.

With webinars focused on timely, in-demand topics, these free resources ensure you have new green building insights.

NEW May Webinar

Join Greenbuild for our newest webinar, Leveraging Nature-Based Solutions for Resilient and Regenerative Outcomes taking place May 22nd, 2024, from 1:00pm-2:00pm ET.

Nature-based solutions involve designing with nature to address multiple societal challenges such as controlling flooding, cooling cities, and enhancing biodiversity. Biodiversity is critical to our wellbeing and survival, providing us with the necessary foundation for a wide range of benefits that sustain our economies, societies, and cultures. Join this webinar to explore topics such as the connection between biodiversity loss and climate change, and how this relates to nature based solutions.

Upcoming Webinars

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Focus on Metrics: Tools for Catalyzing Decarbonization & Resilience in the Buildings Sector

Thursday, June 20, 2024, 1:00pm ET

Sponsored by Kingspan

Join us for an enlightening webinar that provides insight into the transformative world of EDGE green building certification and the Building Resilience Index. This session will provide an overview of the EDGE system, an innovation by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, designed to steer the construction industry towards more sustainable practices. EDGE, which stands for Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies, is a metrics-based tool that empowers developers, owners, and operators to quickly assess ways to incorporate green building standards and reduce their carbon footprint. On top of this the Building Resilience Index will be introduced as a critical component for evaluating and enhancing the resilience of buildings to climate and disaster risks. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how these tools can be integrated into their projects to not only achieve environmental benefits but also to secure financial advantages and market differentiation. 

Electrifying Public and Commercial Buildings: Where to Begin?

Thursday, September 19, 2024, 1:00pm ET

Decarbonizing our vast commercial and public building stock is a challenge that we must face without delay – and one that the Biden administration and a range of state and local governments are confronting aggressively. But where do we begin and how do we conduct this process smartly, strategically, and cost-effectively? This session will provide a series of perspectives to help building decision makers and implementers complete this needed transformation, with a focus on overcoming major, common challenges.

2024 Webinars On-Demand

May 2024

Sponsored by CEMEX

Construction projects are shifting toward more sustainable practices, especially those that reduce carbon emissions. In response, traditional concrete is undergoing a transformation to develop new mixtures with a smaller carbon footprint. Architects and engineers must understand this rapidly changing evolution to specify it effectively. Join this webinar with cement and concrete industry experts as they delve into the complexities and possibilities of using sustainable concrete mix solutions.

*This session no longer qualifies for continuing education credits.

April 2024

Phius 101 teaches architects how passive house principles can be put into practice to create safe, resilient, comfortable and most importantly energy efficient structures, from commercial to residential to multifamily. Phius 101 explains how Phius certification includes third-party quality control as well as an iterative design review process that makes it the only passive house standard that truly guarantees the quality of its certified buildings. Phius certified projects are proven to use 40-60 percent less energy than code-built buildings at minimal to no upfront cost premium. We will dive into the benefits of continuous insulation, the right balance between heat gain and heat loss through windows and shading, air-tight construction, and balanced ventilation with energy recovery.

March 2024

This session will explore the impact and evolution of these market shaping tools. Our speakers will provide an overview of data on the impact of ESG benchmarking on real estate over the last decade and changes in expectations for buildings certifications, as well as describe how LEED v5 will meet and exceed these expectations, while continuing to raise the bar on leadership is the design and operation of property around the world.

February 2024

This webinar provides an update on the AIM Act, HFC Phasedown schedule, and the impact our society faces with cooling. With the 40% virgin HFC reduction underway, the impacts can be felt across all sectors that utilize HFC refrigerants. Hudson will discuss the role and importance of Lifecycle Refrigerant Management and the importance of reclaimed refrigerants in good HVAC system stewardship. Reclaimed refrigerants have near zero GWP, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of operating HVACR systems.

February 2024

This session will explore how intentional design and organizational strategies in the WELL Equity Rating set up employers for success in creating inclusive spaces. The session will highlight how paying greater attention to the needs of diverse populations in the workplace, including parents, caregivers, and neurodiverse workers, can help better the operational design of successful workplaces.

January 2024

This session will cover strategies to mitigate Scope 3 embodied carbon emissions through building reuse and material selection, as well as the application of carbon offsets. Attendees will leave with detailed, applicable strategies and guidelines to meaningfully mitigate embodied carbon on their projects. 

Greenbuild's 2023 Webinars On-Demand

December 2023

Discover how you can implement gradual energy improvements in your facilities without sacrificing the occupant experience or the bottom line. This webinar will provide building owners and operators with an understanding on how to scale energy efficiency improvements throughout a building portfolio with little-to-no upfront capital investments.

November 2023

This webinar explores the pivotal role of energy efficiency in the United States' journey towards achieving its ambitious GHG reduction goals for 2050. Through compelling data and insights, we demonstrate how energy efficiency is essential to decarbonization efforts, offering the potential for substantial economic savings.

October 2023

Implementing EV charging infrastructures in buildings or campuses is not without its challenges. Due to the fragmented solutions landscape, one of the most significant challenges is how to efficiently monitor and control EV charging. Building owners and operators also struggle with how to balance the increased load on the building with a limited grid capacity, or how to avoid costly demand spikes charges, as utility tariff structures are becoming increasingly complex. 

June 2023

Attendees will leave with the framework and tools to develop a comprehensive climate change resilience program that is integrated into their organization’s ESG program, overall business, and risk strategy.

May 2023

This session will discuss what native plants are, why they are important, and how they play an integral role in supporting healthy, sustainable buildings. Native plant landscapes can help buildings reach performance targets, address resiliency, and act as a pillar to net zero strategies. In addition, the multi-benefit nature of native plant landscapes can help buildings meet credits for LEED and SITES certifications, while also enabling buildings to address their impacts on nature within their direct operations. Integration with additional frameworks, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Taskforce for Nature Related Disclosures, and the Science Based Targets for Nature will also be discussed.

April 2023

Attendees will gain a clear sense of synergies between ESG and green building, an understanding of specific opportunities for LEED to contribute to GRESB, and appreciation for the strategies and practices used by leading companies across North America. 

February 2023

This webinar will incorporate the perspectives of leaders in the green building movement, who have devoted their work to the improvement of our built environment, the AEC industry, and society. Our strong panel of industry leaders will share their visions for the future of green buildings, from each of their unique perspectives, with the intent to inspire the audience to be changemakers in their own way.