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November 1-3, 2022
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With thousands of readers, the Greenbuild white paper reports offer insights into the must-know trends, resources and changes our industry is facing.

See the below white papers focused on green spaces and green industry details you need to know.

The New Federal Sustainability Executive Order Explained

Greenbuild hosted an in-depth webinar featuring Andrew Mayock, Federal Chief Sustainability Officer for President Biden, during which he discussed the new Federal Sustainability Executive Order.

In this whitepaper, we define:

  • The first steps Mayock's office is taking to implement these aggressive goals
  • Mayock's plan on how the U.S will reach net-zero emissions by 2050
  • Enablement of the path to achieving his sustainability goals for net-zero buildings, carbon-free electricity, zero-emissions vehicles, supply chain strategy, and more
  • The implications this has on your plans to make your community more resilient

The Social Equity of Sustainability

To make change within our cities and communities, we must provide sustainable solutions -- building and otherwise -- to all people equally. Awareness of sustainable living is widespread, but access to housing, jobs, resources, and education is often skewed to those who can best afford it. 

In this whitepaper, we define the five core principles of social justice and the eight specific and highly-actionable components of translating them into results. We give examples of how professionals are measuring the impact of their social justice initiatives and three powerful steps you can take immediately to ensure ALL people can be part of and benefit from the sustainable development imperative.

The Business Case for Sustainable Spaces

In a period of rapid growth in the green space industry, we reached out to a diverse panel of industry experts and asked how their colleagues and the companies they serve can move more quickly to operate more sustainably.

In our white paper, The Business Case for Sustainable Spaces, we address how today's leaders compellingly present the facts for senior leadership to make critical sustainability changes to address climate change. Download the full white paper for an inside look at how to expand your company into a greener, more climate-focused space.

Rebuilding a More Sustainable World

In President Biden's first 100 days in office, he received the highest rating for his ambitious goals set around environmentalism.

In our whitepaper, Rebuilding a More Sustainable World , we address how the new administration is shaping a more sustainable future. We reached out to 19 environmental change-makers in the green building sector and provided a forum for their voices, views, and work to be shared and leveraged.

Carbon in Buildings: Material Embodied vs. Operations Generated

When it comes to reaching ambitious goals for building sustainability and resilience, our industry’s focus often centers on improvements related to embodied carbon – how we minimize emissions in the manufacturing, production, and transport of the materials used in a building. However, over the long service life of a building, there are also significant opportunities to reduce operational carbon by increasing energy efficiency in ways that are commonly overlooked during the initial building phase.

Click to view GAF's sponsored whitepaper for more insights.

Sustainability: Yesterday Versus Tomorrow

The industry’s top green building and sustainability leaders identify the 7 must-know insights defining the future of our industry. This “green dream team” represents a broad and diverse cross-section of sustainability and business leaders, including architecture, manufacturing, design, consulting and real estate. They spoke about the post-COVID-19 transformation, how innovation will need powerful new solutions and how companies and brands are expanding their knowledge and commitment to social responsibility. 

Selling In Sustainability

Even the most highly skilled salespeople and business leaders meet objections. The formula for gaining buy-in for sustainable building is a complex combination of human psychology, credible storytelling, and compelling financial data. In this white paper, experts decide the steps you can take to convince decision-makers of these necessary investments.

Redefining the Sustainable Workplace

Business leaders are more focused than ever before on employee health and well-being, especially as they create a new balance between physical space and remote working.